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Feb 9, 2009 11:25 AM

Group Dining in Tysons

Need your help! I am looking for a place for 10-13 people to have dinner in Tyson's? I have been having a brain freeze trying to think of places as I have not been out to Tysons in a while. We are open to any type of food. Looking for a place where we can have some nice conversation as we have not seen each other in a long time and will be catching up. Would like to keep the cost reasonable so not Capital Grille or 2941. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. Most any of the mall restaurants can accommodate that size party, but none of them are very conducive to casual conversation. They want you to get out and get back to shopping.

    Da Domenico has good food and is pretty quiet. On a week night they should be able to accommodate a party of that size. For less expensive and more casual, you might check (or maybe someone knows) if that La Madeline has a semi-private room. A couple that I've been to have, with a fireplace, good for a light dinner and lingering over wine, coffee, and dessert.

    1. J. Gilberts has two areas in particular that are ideal for small - mid sized private parties. It's a steak house but not a la carte so less expensive than Capital Grille. I happen to like it better, regardless of the price.

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        Good thought. Since i've been watching my guts and arteries, I haven't been eating much steak, but I, too, have enjoyed J. Gilbert's. Good ambiance, decent meat, fair prices, and usually good service.

      2. You could always just get entrees at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. An order of a fish entree includes a salad to begin the meal and fresh baked rolls, which would keep you at a lower cost while still enjoying great food.

        1. I love Maggiano's -- the food is good, the prices are very reasonable for the portions, the atmosphere is classier than your usual chain restaurant, and a large group can order family style and try a few different things. The main dining room can be a little noisy, but you can also ask to be seated in the part that's sort of in the mall, where it's less crowded.

          Maggiano's Little Italy
          2001 International Dr, Mc Lean, VA 22102

          1. Wildfire at Tyson's II is nice. We threw a birthday party for Dad there. Their events manager, Maria, was fantastic. Very easy to work with. We had a private room with 30 guests.