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Feb 9, 2009 11:17 AM

Which 2 of these 3???

Will only have time for 2 meals in Paris. Staying in Rue Cler area. L'ami Jean, La Florimond and La Fontaine de Mars. Which 2 would you choose and which for lunch and dinner. Thanks for your opinions.

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  1. I have been to Florimond and to Fontaine de Mars,both are very nice and have very good food.Florimond is bit better that Fonatine in my opinon I am not sure if Florimond is open for lunch. I have a suggestion for lunch Petite Troquet on rue d l'Exposition, adorable little bistro with very good food. I have never been to 'Ami Jean so I can't comment on that. But the ones I have been to atr all good, along with Leo The Lion which is on Duvivier which runs right behind Rue Cler. Have a wonderful trip!!

    1. I was at Chez l'Ami Jean quite recently and really enjoyed it.
      Cannot comment on the others though.

      For Chez...I recommend ordering ALC, the foie gras is great as is the riz au lait for dessert.

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        Le Florimond and add Le P'tit Troquet (both closed Saturday lunch and Sunday all day).

        Fontaine de Mars is a good option for Sundays though.

      2. Ll'Ami Jean et la Fontaine de Mars -- l'Ami Jean for a late lunch since it is less crowded then and there is only one seating. Le Florimond is good not great.

        1. Of the 3 I would choose Le Florimond for the consistently good cooking by Pascal and the always pleasant service by Laurent. La Fontaine de Mars is larger, with a generally friendly atmosphere and is a caricature of a SW bistro with traditional offerings. I have been to Chez l'Ami Jean 2 times and was disappointed, as you can read in an earlier post; if you go, be prepared for a madhouse, with the good chance of having your fellow diners elbow in your plate, and the occasional mistake in service and cooking which I attribute to the crush of humanity who adore this place.