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Top 5 most ordered dessert items in a coffee shop

Here's mine:

1. Chocolate chip cookie
2. New york cheesecake
3. Brownie/Blondie
4. Carrot cake
5. Cinnamon roll

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  1. yes.. a chocolate chip cookie is great with coffee, also a brownie. Chocolate and coffee are wonderful together!

    1. Whatever happened to hot apple pie with a slice of yellow cheese?

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        My parents always got that when we drove to Canada. My brother and I got cookies and milk. Thanks for that memory jog.

      2. Chocolate pudding served in those funky metal footed dishes with a shot of reddi-wip!!

        1. oops...forgot a few. Chocolate layer cake/Devil's Food cake, pie if it looks good, jelly roll w/ a shot of reddi-wip. Mmmm.... Adam

          1. sfogliatelle and scones.

            1. I actually don't go to coffee shops often, but when i do, I gotta get a macaroon if they have them.

                1. re: sweethaven

                  What's a banoffee pie? Sounds interesting

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    banoffee is short for banana toffee pie. usually the crust is made of graham crackers then filled with vanilla custard, bananas, toffee and whipped cream. u can use dulce de leche if u dont have toffee:)

                    1. re: sweethaven

                      wow... im going to have to make this!

                  1. Hot fudge sundae in a huge goblet with tons of whippage

                    1. Latte. Occasionally a mocha. Once in a great while a brownie to go with my espresso.

                      1. creme brulee, brownie ala mode, chocolate mousse:)