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Feb 9, 2009 11:05 AM

Zuzu Ramen on 4th Ave. - open yet?

Does anyone know if this ramen-ya has opened up yet? The phone number just rings, but that doesn't mean anything really if they're not doing lunch yet. So ... any word?

BTW, they have a website up, but no menu yet.

Zuzu Ramen
173 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. not as of last night.

    incidentally, i did a little research and found out its being opened by the same people who opened sheep station.

    1. Yes, it's the Sheep Station people (I love Sheep Station.)
      I asked -- they're waiting on permits or inspections or something.

      In the meantime, there's been really good specials there (at Sheepie) - seafood stew, a skate po'boy with delicious chicken soup served with a pork wonton. I love the lamb sandwich, and lamb chops, but I love that they are opening up the menu with daily specials.

      1. sign on the door says they open today.

        i'm excited to try their mini pork buns.

        1. I tried a preview of the green curry soup ramen - very promising.
          I wish they had the menu up on that website - it just says Opening Tuesday March 10.

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            My wife and I swung by last night at around 7:30. It was crowded, but not packed at that time. It filled up about a half hour later, but probably only one or two parties waiting.

            The menu is pretty small (as it should be) - 4 ramens, 2 noodle dishes, 2 rice dishes, and about 5 apps. Of the ramens, two are Thai influenced (green curry and a lemongrass version), a vegetarian one, and a traditional tonkotsu ramen. The rice and noodle dishes are essentially the same - either beef curry or charsiu as the toppings. The apps included the aforementioned mini pork buns, dumplings, edamame, and a salad. A small Japanese beer list (Sapporo draft, 3 bottles) and sake list (maybe 6 options) round out the offerings.

            We started with the mini pork buns ($8), which are of the Momofuku variety. They were pretty tasty - not as good as Momofuku, and served with a rather thin dipping sauce, but still of good quality.

            I had the green curry ramen ($10) as I'm a bit under the weather and wanted something spicy and flavorful, which it didn't disappoint on. It was a tasty broth, lots of garlic, and a really nice spice. The ramen was well cooked, and it had a couple of pieces of charsiu in it. My main complaint would be that the egg was coddled and fairly raw still - the white broke apart easily (I prefer a hard cooked egg in my ramen). It's also a bit light on anything besides ramen.

            My wife chose the beef curry over rice ($13) and, while flavorful, it only had 3-4 tiny pieces of beef in it, which was quite disappointing for the price. It was sweet and fruity in the traditional Japanese way with curries, but a bit of a let down in terms of quantity. (The beef is very good, slow cooked and very tender.)

            All in all it was a promising first meal there. Hopefully they'll tweak their formula for a while and emerge one of the premier outer borough ramen-ya. It's not as good as Ippudo, but it's a quality restaurant and the first of its kind in the area. It's nice to have decent ramen within walking distance.

          2. What's the layout / seating like? Is it counter seating with high stools? Or do they have tables with normal chairs?

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            1. re: oolah

              Both. There's a counter surrounding a glassed-in kitchen, and maybe about 15 2-tops along the front and side walls. (Some at the front could be combined, but 2 is the magic number for party sizes at this place.) All seating is at high stools.