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Feb 9, 2009 11:02 AM

Bissaleh Cafe in Sunny Isles (Miami)

I went to Bissaleh Cafe in Sunny Isles yesterday with my women's book club group. It's an Israeli and Middle Eastern place.

When we arrived, no one approached us for ten minutes. The waitress took our drink orders but kept giving us regular Coke instead of diet, despite repeated requests for diet. The waitress couldn't explain what any of the menu items were (and they are not complicated), and when the girl next to me asked for the falafel sandwich with the toppings on the side, the waitress could not comprehend the request. The girl had to send the sandwich back twice. Then at the end they claimed they could not process both credit cards and cash, even after we asked for the manager. So somebody had to put all the cash on their credit card.

I don't recommend this place!

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  1. Last year my husband and I went to Bissaleh Cafe. It had a nice atmosphere with a lot of young people in large groups enjoying pizza and salad. We ourselves decided on two different fishes and a mixed salad. Since they seemed to also have a full bar we decided to try the usual gin martini. All seemed fine until we received the bill and noticed that we were charged $14.90 for an ordinary martini, quite a bit high for even South Beach or NYC standards. We asked our waitress, Simchi (?) [I still retain the receipt, so have all the details] to please double check with the manager since she didn’t know what the going rate was. She came back and said, yes, that ‘s what it was, and there was nothing they could do about it. So if anyone plans to come to this restaurant they should definitely ask the price of any drink, wine included, before ordering. BTW, they include the 15% service charge, but that is typical of the area, so nothing new there.

    1. Did Bisseleh reopen somewhere else? The original location sold...did it just pop up elsewhere recently? Could this be reopening jitters? I thought the place in it's location now was called G's or something of the sort? Where's Bissaleh in relation to the original location which was in the same plaza as Timo's.

      They used to have some interesting dishes and drinks N/A bevs that is. Never even knew they had gotten a liquor license?

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        Bissaleh (sunny isles) is closed. In its place is a French restaurant called H which I haven't tried.


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          I knew it was a letter! Couldn't remember if it was G or H! It's sounded as though the above posts were new. I now see one was and the other wasn't. Not sure why they resurrected the place, nor the thread?