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Feb 9, 2009 11:00 AM


After reading the various postings about chili I decided I really needed to make some. I was going to make a mix of ground beef and ground turkey - but the package of ground turkey was $4.69 per pound, compared to the 80% lean ground beef at $2.99 (with my store card). Yes, I'm sure if i went to the big box store and spent an hour and a half to get there, shop just for that one thing (didn't need to spend the money on everything else I would have come home with), and about $3 in gasoline I probably could have saved a buck or two.

Isn't 4.69/lb a bit much for a package of previously frozen foster farms ground turkey (they only had 1.25 lb size packages).

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  1. Be thankful the ground beef is $2.99, prices here are about $3.50/lb for 80% lean ON SALE. Meat has REALLY gone up in price. We keep a big freezer and are just starting to replenish from 2008, OMG. Going to have to really do some serious planning, visit Costco, butcher sales, etc.

    1. Is this the lean ground or dark? I usually buy dark & got some on sale for 2/$5.00 (with store card) at Safeway last week. If I can't get to Costco or catch it on sale at Safeway, I go to Trader Joe's (not as lean). BTW, my beef is with the price of Foster Farms ground chicken (dark) which I religiously use for kabobs as appetizers for parties, potluck, etc. Used to be $4.29 or so for a 1.25lb pkg but now it is $4.79 for the newly shrunken 1lb. pkg. WT? And it only seems to be available at Safeway & rarely comes on sale. Just not into buying a meat grinder....

      1. I made chili yesterday, paid $29.20 for four packs, about 1.33 pounds each, 90% lean beef. (Safeway/Vons Southern Calif.) That works out to about $6 a pound, I think I would have been better off with 80% beef flavorwise and pricewise. It sounds like you are making out better than I did on the price issue, and I suspect that extra beef fat is going to help flavor wise.

        I'll never use 90% beef for chili again, lesson learned.

        1. As far as what kind (lean or dark), they only have one, I have no idea which and the package did not indicate what percent fat it was (so may not have been any leaner than the beef).

          For ground beef I generally I like the 12% fat at costco, just enough to give it some flavor, but pretty guiltless otherwise. Just happened to have none in the freezer this weekend. As for the 80%, if it looks too fatty after I brown the meat, I will just pour off some of the grease like mom used to in the bad old days of 30% and 35% fat - just brown more onion with it to make up for the poured off flavor.

          At least I know that if I'm being ripped off I have lots of company. Thanks!

          1. I pay $4.99/lb for ground turkey. Regularly.