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Feb 9, 2009 10:37 AM

Raincity or C? Fuel or Gastropod? Best izakaya? - Upcoming trip

I will be there in April and have three nights of meals to plan. I tend to sort of wing it for lunch, but am always up for good ideas. This is my second visit.

The first night I want to do a nice dinner, a tasting menu that won't break the bank like West or Lumiere. So, would you recommend Raincity or C? I am thinking of either of these two and love the idea of local food. Other great fixe menus or tastings? I did Parkside last time a couple years back and loved it.

Second night I want to do izakaya. I did Guu with Garlic last time and really loved it. What other great ones are there?

Last night I am thinking of either Gastropod or Fuel. Thoughts on these two and preferences or other fun, hip eats?

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  1. Have you been to Chambar yet? I would highly recommend it for a nice dinner...

    Kingyo is an excellent Izakaya to try. For lunch hit Go Fish on Granville Island.

    For hip spots check out Campagnolo and Les Faux Bourgeois.

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    1. re: waylman

      For the first night - perhaps Chow, Bishops', or Diva at the Met.

    2. Thanks for the input. Chambar is an option, and Kingyo looks like one too. I think that first night I am set on either C or Raincity and can't decide...I have heard good and bad about both and just need some guidance....

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      1. re: Chargenda

        If the choice is limited to C or Raincity then I would personally choose C. (I would go to Blue Water over C, though.) There are a more new fine restaurants that are worth considering: the 'new' Lumiere, db Bistro, Market, campagnolo, just to name a few.

        On izakaya - I personally like to do a crawl between a few of my faves whenever I get a chance. Guu, Guu with Garlic, Gyoza King, Hapa, Zakkushi, Kingyo are all within a good crawling distance.

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          Though I'm not sure C would qualify as not breaking the bank (but would also pick it over Raincity). Market, where I haven't yet been, looks a bit less expensive.

          1. re: JEheartbreak

            thanks. I can't seem to find much info on Market. I found the site, but what about a sample menu, etc?

            1. re: Chargenda

              Someone posted celphone pics here:


              You may have to register to see it. Heck...I'll upload it here for you. (I'm sure 'noodles' the poster who uploaded them originally, won't mind).

              There are three distinct areas to eat there with three different menus. This one is from the full service restaurant. It looks like good value.

              1. re: fmed

                Better quality images of the MARKET menu can be found here:

                I ate there yesterday. The room is beautiful (a touch loud, though). I was there with a large group, and though I had some issues with the FOH during the planning stages, service from our waitress was great. Everybody enjoyed their meals.

                I didn't get to try it, but the 6-course meal for $65 looks like excellent value.

      2. I just got back from a trip to Vancouver and in the end I only had time to go to Hapa on Robson. It's certainly not a traditional Izakaya, more like a funky Japanese Tapas Bar but I really enjoyed the food there.

        1. Skip Chambar, seriously not worth the time. Zakkushi is a great choice. C is probably a better pick than Raincity. Las Faux Bourgeois is a great pick. La Regalate is always an excellent choice. It's in west van but worth the trip.

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          1. re: the aleph

            Count me in for C over Raincity -- have had very bad luck at the latter over four dinner visits though brunch recently was decent. (It is a fave spot for certain visitors hence the repeats.)

            I am a fan of the Zakkushi on 4th (and Guu with Garlic which you've been to) but if you are downtown then why not do the crawl as suggested upthread by fmed?

            I don't think you will go wrong with Gastropod or Fuel. If you haven't already, perhaps check out the websites and see which menu/approach appeals more...

            1. re: grayelf


              Your observation that, "..(It is a fave spot for certain visitors hence the repeats.)" is "spot on" and fits me to a proverbial T.

              When we used to visit Vancouver more frequently, we would inevitably end up looking for parking near the admin office for Stanley Park and walking to Raincity to have lunch.

              We enjoyed the local wine, "telephone book" sized wine list and the food.

              We are disappointed to hear that the food quality has deteriorated and we have not been back for a number of years since we tend to end up in Victoria more so than Van during our trips to the coast.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Wow! Thanks everyone! I guess I just really wanted to give Raincity a try and was so interested in the 100 miles menu. I love that idea.

                I will for sure be doing a little izakaya crawl, since last time I only did Guu with Garlic.

                And based on those menus. Gastropod is the winner.

                Now all I have to do is wait...not going until April!