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Feb 9, 2009 10:21 AM

a brit in van. missing home ..

A friend of mine has been in Vancouver for a few months now.. (from London)
and is starting to miss home a bit and the food Etc.. I was thinking of trying to lift her spirits a bit by taking her somewhere 'English' ?? Is there anything in or around Vancouver such as a proper English style restaurant or pub. Maybe a shop to buy items from England ??

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  1. Off the top of my head:

    The Irish Heater (Bangers and Mash, et al)
    The Celtic Treasure Chest in Dunbar (Candy bars, etc.)
    The British Butcher Shoppe in North Van

    I'm sure there are more.

    1. British Home Store - British 3986 Moncton St , Richmond, BC
      The Diner on W 10th near UBC has British grub, not sure how good.

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        Am married to a Brit, so we're always on the lookout.

        The Celtic Treasure chest is awesome for British food, Cornish pasties and pies, deli stuff, crisps, PG Tips (though I saw these were being sold in Safeway!), biccies and chocolates - it's just expensive and you have to be sure to check the Expiry dates as with most import shops as these can be dodgy.

        But a mate of ours recommended the Three Lions Cafe on Broadway. Check out this blog about it, I found: Apparently our mate recommends the Sunday roast and claims its better than the Cascade Room....

        ...which, on Main Street, is a fab funky resto but not particularly British though has a UK owner. What I like about them is the UK cocktail/resto vibe, and the fact that they do proper Sunday roasts with Yorkshire Pudding at lunchtime on Sunday. Their menu for $28 will feed you for the entire day (and beyond) and there's usually two or three roast options. Pretty good - plus I think they also do pub quizzes on Monday, which is very UKish and what we miss from back in London.

        There's also a pub downtown, on Burrard near Hastings called the Elephant & Castle, which is about as British as Madonna, but has some good beers on tap (Newcastle Brown, Bass, Guinness etc. It's got that horrible upscale chain pub vibe (ie totally soulless) but they do purport to have British Inspired food. I'd just go there if you were downtown and were gasping for a pint...

        Haven't been to the new Irish Heather location BUT SALT Tasting Rooms in Gastown on Blood Alley, which is around the corner isn't UK-themed per se, is a charcuterie that brings in lots of great UK and Irish cheeses etc. You choose meats and cheeses and get nice "pickles" (relishes) with them.

        Hope this helps and report back on the Three Lions!


        1. re: MikalaT

          Good call on the Three Lions (they also have some unusual imported English ciders there). Pic of their Bangers and Mash (sitting on a big Yorkshire pudding):