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Feb 9, 2009 10:10 AM

Watery custards?

From time-to-time, when I make egg-based puddings and/or custards, the finished product will contain a thin layer of water in the bottom. I thought I could solve the problem by using a water bath to control (and moderate) the heat but to no avail. I made a corn pudding this weekend, cooked it in the water bath, and, voila, the layer of water was there. Any help?

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  1. weeping/syneresis is usually a result of over-cooking. do you actually check it for doneness, or just stick to the cooking time dictated by the recipe you're using?

    it's done when a knife inserted off-center (not IN the absolute center) comes out clean. at that point, remove from the heat immediately, and set in a shallow ice-water bath to stop the cooking process (the residual internal heat will finish cooking the center if it's still a tiny bit under-done).