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Lamonica's Westwood -- Good News

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Grabbed a Daily Bruin last week and found the new coupons for Lamonica's Pizza. Nice surprise! The delivery or carry-out price for a large two-topping pizza is $13.00, tax included. Now, they seem to have eliminated the inclusion of a large soft-drink, which probably makes the delivery guys much happier, and I have my own soda at home. But the last time I found these coupons, a few months ago at the top of the gas prices, the price was approaching $20. Now some will say that Lamonica's pizza is greasy, and if you get pepperoni and sausage like I do it is. But they don't skimp on the toppings or the cheese, the crust crisps up nicely on a heated castiron skillet left in the oven, and two slices usually satisfies my hunger. And I am very close by, well within easy delivery. I can understand some places needing to raise prices when ingredients or other costs go up -- but it is very unusual to see them come down when expenses normalize. Nice job! And yes, Lamonica's still offers two-for-one on Monday evenings after 5:30.

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  1. righteous. i really need to do that 2 for 1 monday deal soon...it has been forever.

    1. Lamonica's is real fantastic pizza. Monday special is where it's at.

      1. Get some of those 25c garlic rolls, too!

          1. Those 2 for 1 deals on Monday (just mention the promotion, no coupon needed) are great! I survived my college days at UCLA (and that's quite some time ago) with help from Lamonica's...

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              same here. with the rotation being buck fifty subs and sak's.

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                  And, don't forget the cookies & milk deal at Diddy Reese. Still exist in Westwood?

                  1. re: pharmnerd

                    Most definitely! I think it's up to $1.25 now though....

                    1. re: aliris

                      still there.

                      the ice cream sammie is now $1.50. still a fantastic deal.

              1. Used to always buy Lamonica's in college. Can't believe it's fairly well-known here in CH. Not saying it wasn't good. It's just, back in the day, was more price/quantity conscious over quality, so find it funny I was eating good pizza & didn't even know it.

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                  nah....you weren't. They just happen to deliver to the pool. As far as I'm concerned it's gross, greasy, tasteless, "NY-style" cardboard. Just what the doctor ordered, especially for cheap! I, too, find the high acclaim here for this un-noteworthy orange-stuff odd. But it's nice to know about the coupon; thanks!

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                    Gotta disagree with aliris.

                    Lamonica's pizzas tasted great when I was a poor undergrad, and still tastes great now!

                    1. re: J.L.

                      I think it's a NY-(style)-pizza thing. I actually never had pizza until my college years but they were in Chicago and my idea of paradigmatic pizza is Giordano's (the old one), the "deep dish" variety, pre spin-off. So that wafer-thin stuff just never got programmed into me. I believe you it is "good", I've heard so many say so! And we do buy it and I've never seen it go uneaten!

                2. Man, I miss Lamonica's. I used to live in Westwood, just down the street. I went there just about every week. My daughter, then 1, loved the crusts. I tried to get her to try the cheese, but she loved eating those crusts. I'm guess it's time to make another visit, for old time's sakes.

                  1. Glad my post got so many people reminiscing. FYI -- the coupons for the 2-topping $13 deal are usually in the Daily Bruin on Mondays, and then once or perhaps twice later in the week -- not every day. The Monday evening 2-for-1 does not seem to require a coupon, just a mention when ordering. They have a $2 off special coupon for Tuesdays, but I don't quite understand the point -- the $13 is still a better deal. And surprisingly, the special specifies carry-out or delivery only, which I don't really understand -- would they throw you out if you took your box, ordered some drinks, and ate there? I find that the cheesy, meaty greasy pizza benefits greatly from some crushed red chili pepper to spice it up.