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Feb 9, 2009 09:46 AM

gradisca or ennio & michael's?

My husband and I are coming in to town this weekend and going out to dinner on Saturday night (for Valentines). We have reservations at both Gradisca and Ennio & Michael's. We've been to neither. Could you provide us with your recommendations as to which one we should go to and why. We would obviously like great food and if possible a nice ambience.


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  1. Well in terms of food Ennio's has a more traditional menu and I think you'll certainly get more bang for your buck there. Gradisca has some more creative dishes but I left hungry and unimpressed. Gradisca does have a cute, romantic atmosphere, a bit more rustic than Ennio's. Ennio's has a more formal dinning room type atmosphere but not stuffy or tacky at all. The tables are well spaced, not one on top of another. Every time I've been there the service has been impeccable. The stand-outs there are the zucchini app and their veal dishes. Of course I'm biased, but Gradisca I'm sure has some excellent dishes. Check our both their menus and photos and decide from there.

    1. I like both places, (Ennio is better food but more expensive) but for Valentine's I'd definitely go to Ennio. Ennio is more adult, more comfortable, more open and airy. Gradisca is fun and noisy; it's great with a group and for ogling the waiters.