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Feb 9, 2009 09:21 AM

K&G in west chester?

Does K&G Pizza in west chester still exist? I think that's the name. If so, where exactly is it?

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  1. It sit's (or sat) on the corner of Five Points Road and rt. 3 just across from the Starbucks....just shy of the plaza with the ShopRite. I drove by there last week and I think I recall it being gone/under construction....something going on there.

    1. K & G is no longer there. A place called Joey's pizza is there. There is a Joey's pizza in Thorndale, not sure if that is the same owner. The one in Thorndale is pretty good though.

      1. Thanks, that's where I thought it was supposed to be (and could swear I had seen it before), but it didn't seem to be there now.