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Feb 9, 2009 09:10 AM

Cooking Classes in Paris

I am about to sign up with a group called "Cooking with Class" have considered a class with Le Cordon Blue, Does any one have experience with either agency or one that you would recommend? Thanks in advance RosieCaro

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  1. My husband and I took the Cook'n with Class class last December and it was one of the highlights of our trip. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Paris and signing up for another class!

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      I was considering this to and wondering if there are any other options. cooking with class seems expensive and is 30 min away from the 6th

    2. I've taken classes several times at Le Cordon Bleu, and have always learned a lot and had a great time. Also at the Ritz-Escoffier School.

      1. Thanks you guys for your feed back. I have done a lot of research, there are some that are cheaper, but non that piqued my interest. There are also some demonstrations but not hands on at Le Cordon Bleu that are around 33 Euro. Ilovegodfoodandwine, if you will email me I will send you the the schedule they sent me. It has the courses, prices and a registration form. My name is my AOL account. RosieCaro

        1. If you speak French, there are several excellent schools to consider, both with small classes and `'les mains dans la pâte" (hands-on) experience:

          l'École Lenôtre - very high level half and full day classes
          Atelier des Sens - 2-4 hour classes with a home kitchen orientation

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            RandyB -- can you tell me how good your french needs to be for the Lenotre classes? I'd like to do a class with my daughter, who has four years of high school french. I was a french major in college too many years ago to count, and although I understand a lot, my speaking is rusty. We navigate the city and restaurants quite well, but I was a bit concerned about specialized vocab...I have no idea how to say "temper" or "couverture" in french (kidding about the latter, but you get my drift.)

          2. Rosie --
            Cooking with class is terrific. If you search the boards for them, you'll find prior chowhounds' experiences.