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Feb 9, 2009 08:48 AM

Best Sit-Down Restaurant Desserts

Looking for the best desserts in NYC so we can pair it with a glass of wine or top it off with a brandy?

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  1. If price is no object, and you require wine/liquor, I'd say it is a toss up between Tailor or WD-50. Both are more on the avant side but extremely tasty! I think Tailor is marginally more romantic, especially if you get a nice booth. If you don't mind ordering at a bar/counter, I like Chikalicious (though not as romantic) or the Bar Room at the Modern.

    The big problem is with restaurants who don't specialize in dessert or have a crowd that dines early -- I would hate for you to get the evil eye because you're not ordering a full meal.

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    1. This isn't a formal sit-down restaurant experience at all, but if you simply want to share a great dessert with a bit of booze to cap a night nicely, and on the casual end, Sweet Revenge has some of the best cupcakes in the city, and serves wine/beer at the bar or in its cafe-like table area. I'd recommend the red velvet/prosecco pairing...

      1. Adour chocolate dessert or the passion fruit supper dupper thing. With both so much hits me that I close my eyes to reduce sensory intake.