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Feb 9, 2009 08:10 AM

Six Nations Rugby CT

Hi, Does anyone know of a bar/restaurant showing the Six Nations? Preferably around Avon/West Hartford/Hartford? I don't know any other way of finding out. Thanks!

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  1. Upon seeing this, I thought of Half Door, on the corner of Sisson and Farmington in Hartford. I called to double check for you (I have the number in my phone already for ordering takeout :P) and they said they weren't sure if they get Six Nations stuff but do subscribe to Setanta Sports and Fox Sports Network. I don't know about Fox but Setanta looks promising. You can browse the listings on that site.

    edit: Oh yeah, The reubens and irish nachos are great, potato skins kinda generic cheddar and bacon filled things, soups boring, and avoid at all costs the salmon. Tastes like they doused it with Aunt Jemima or something. The mac and cheese with peas and bacon is good but a bit pricey for what you get.

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      You will not get the 6 nations live on the regular Sentanta, its on there as a next day delay, for to get it live the pub has to have there pay per view system with Sentanta, I think it costs about $4000.00 for all games in the 6 nations, I live in Manchester NH we have a great Irish pub here called the Wild Rover and they show all the games live with a Full Irish Breakfast, for $20.00 that covers the rugby , Breakfast and also a Roast Beef sandwich when they show the second game, there web site is

      Let’s go Wales this week and beat England!!!!!

      Welsh guy in New England

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        Another place to look is which lets you enter which events you are interested in and a zip code. The closest place that seems to carry the games live is down in Hamden.

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          Thanks folks......looks like I'll have to move to NH - nowhere really showing it live around here as I can see...and congrats djr222!......

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            02/04/2009 -

            Six Nations Rugby will be aired at The Playwright in Hamden - 1232 Whitney Avenue. Entry will $20 per day. Here is the schedule:


    2. Just a friendly reminder folks, this board is all about finding great food and drink, posts not discussing food and drink will be removed.

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        I accept what you say, but there is served at these games a great Irish Breakfast, of white pudding , black pudding , Irish Bacon, Beans, O Brian Potatoes, Caraway seeded Rolls, all inclusive for the $20.00 entrance Fee and you get to watch a great sporting event,and all the adult beverages that you want to consume safely, shorly this is a medium to get that out to all the chow hounds

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          I have actually eaten at the Playwright - not bad chow !!!!

          can live without the black pudding- though I know some crave that as comfort food !!!