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BBQ King - Woodland Hills

We were in the area yesterday so I thought we’d try the newly opened BBQ King. We arrived at 12:30 and the place was empty. The waitress was sitting on the patio when we arrived.
When we walked in the TV had the Lakers game on and it was pretty loud, so we sat at one of the farther in booths. Also (I presume the owners) children were coloring at one of the tables and yelling (probably due to the high volume of the TV).

I like the Lakers, but the high volume became so annoying with the announcers, the crowd cheering, the penalty horn, etc. (and no one was watching it).

The hostess came over right away and gave us menus. Then we sat. I don’t know how long since the place was empty I expected pretty fast service. It was 5-7 minutes before the waitress came, I don’t know why it took so long since we were the only ones in the place!

When she finally did come I asked her if she could turn down the TV as we were getting headaches! She obliged and immediately the mood changed! The waitress was astute enough to realize the noise level was not comfortable, and after a little while she talked the kids into going into the office to play, which also really helped a lot.

I ordered the lunch sampler plate (Beef rib, tri tip, hot link, chicken). My wife wasn’t too hungry so she ordered a side salad and BBQ baked beans. I also ordered mac and cheese as one of my sides for her (they were out of cole slaw!!).

The food came and immediately you could smell the smoke! It sure smelled good. First, I ate the chicken, which was really good. It wasn’t crispy at all since it was smoked, but when I smoke chicken at home I put it on a hot grill for a few moments to give the skin a little crunchiness.

The hot link was also very good. I need to mention here that I really liked their BBQ sauce. Great flavor that went well with the meats. Unfortunately they were out of the spicy sauce, which I would have liked to try.

Unfortunately the tri tip was completed over cooked, tough and dry; I couldn’t eat it. The beef rib, while it had good flavor, was also very tough and chewy. I liked it but would have liked it more if it was a little less dry and a little more tender.

My wife said the salad was pretty bad an used my bbq sauce instead of the dressing which she said was horrible. She really liked the beans and mac though.

All in all, not great but there were some redeeming factors, enough so I will go back and give it another try. I don’t know, but I think that the beef rib and tri tip were left over from the day before as they were not fresh at all.

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  1. Hey Les, sounds like this place and the employees are related to the BBQ King that closed on Sunset at Figueroa. That TV was always on sports and so loud, the service was always so slow. My friend and I would go for the burgers and fries. BBQ was just ok.

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        It's in the spot previously held by Gorikee (in fact their signage is still up).

        Texas Barbeque King
        21799 Ventura Blvd
        Woodland Hills, CA

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          Les, I tried the place a few months back. Like you, I had a sampler plate of beef ribs, links, tri tip, and chicken. Big portions and pretty good flavor, but they drenched everything in their bbq sauce.

          Pat from Gorikee was working there when I visited - do you know if he's still around?

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            I always ask for the BBQ sauce on the side for the very reason you gave. If I like it or not, I can use the exact amount I want on the meat. If the meat has good flavor it only needs a touch of bbq sauce. Usually if a place drowns the food in their sauce it's to cover up either lack of flavor or dryness.

            I can't do garlic so I never went to Gorikee, so I can't answer your question. It was very popular with Ch's so maybe someone else can answer your question.

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              We went once about 4 months ago and Patrick was not there (maybe day off?). Excellent greens but decidedly blah meats. Too bad - it promises so much and smells devine but just didn't deliver for us.

        2. Years ago I went to the original one on the corner of Sunset and Figueroa, it was an old gas station before that, anyway I was first in line no one behind me and ordered the tri tip, took half an hour and it was tough, tried again a few months later and ordered a hamburger, it was the size of a dinner plate but dry and totally tastless. Maybe they have something good there or have improved but unless you guys convince me I'll never go again.

          1. thank you so much for quick reply.......


            1. So it is "related" to the Sunset & Fig. location. Service Always sucked @ that location, and the BBQ was ehhhhh!

              1. I heard this place was pretty good, so I ordered to go, I went to their website to order. When my friend came back with the food it seemed to be a mistake on the total amount. I called the restaurant and the guy who was pretty straight forward and rude told me that the pricing on the website was for their Los Angeles location. I asked why would you have different pricing for each location? He said because the people of Woodland Hills expect bigger portions,...Comon!! Was I born yesterday? A pinto of beans is a pint of beans!!! The pricing wasn't even close it was like an extra $10 for 2 to eat. He thinks just cause the average person in WH makes more money so he can stick it to us! That is absurd, atleast put the different menus on your website so the customer knows what he is paying, it had the WH location on there as well as the LA. Oh ya besides that I ordered the BBQ sampler and it was basically BBQ gumbo, can you seperate the items and get them out of the bowl of sauce!!! Never again will I give them a dollar of mine.

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                  Funny. I live walking distance from The King.

                  I walked into the place. Looked around. Didn't dig the vibe. Walked out, never to return.

                2. I tried the Woodland Hills location of BBQ King over the weekend, and I ordered the sampler plate. While the tri tip was dry like others have mentioned, the pork ribs, chicken, and beef hot links were delicious. I would say that the hot links were quite possibly the best I've ever had.

                  1. Had a terrible lunch here about a month ago. Decor was unchanged from Gorikee (which doesn't really scream "BBQ Joint") and the waiter was a hold-over, as well. You do smell smoke as soon as you walk in, which seemed like a good sign for BBQ. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. The pork and tri tip were dry and flavorless and the pork ribs were rubbery like they had been par-boiled. Sauce was gloopy, sweet and over applied but might not be too bad if used judiciously on properly cooked BBQ. There's no reason to pay any tribute to this self-proclaimed "King."

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                      Try Mom's BBQ over in Van Nuys, I think it is at Vanowen and Hazeltine, in the deep corner of a small little corner strip mall. Parking is bad, atmosphere not great for eating in, but the family-based staff is really nice. Be patient and not in a hurry, as the pace is slow, but that is because they care to do things right. The prices are totally reasonable, and portions generous. The quality of the meats and sides is outstanding, and the flavor is excellent. It is Louisiana style, not Texas. The ribs, the chicken, links--all of it is great. The mac and cheese is outstanding and the peach cobbler rocks!

                      I have to say I agree that Texas BBQ King in LA near the stadium was over-rated. Expensive, VERY slow considering the number of staff, and sometimes carelessly prepared. Some items were very good, others not--like the burger, yes. Huge, but flavorless. I didn't know they migrated to the Valley, I heard it moved somewhere in mid-town or something.

                      Anyone tried My Brother's BBQ in Woodland Hills? Wondering if it is any good....

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                        The burger at Texas BBQ used to be great in the beginning, it was smoked, so good. The service was bad, some of the kids did not care at all. I know there was some kind of connection with BBQ and a Kids at Risk type program, but hey, you are supposed to teach them about values and ethics. Anyway the burgers used to be very good.

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                          The 'que at My Brother's reminds me alot of the 'que at The Bear Pit in Mission Hills. In other words, adequate, but not crazy-good. Like The Bear Pit, I like My Brother's for the _sum of it's parts_, i.e., the greasy texas toast, the porky bbq beans, and the cole slaw; the 'que comes in fourth on that list. The very best thing at My Brother's is the broasted chicken...

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                            My Brother's is OK, Mrs. Swift prefers El Paso down the street for their pulled pork. But I really like the Tri-Tip sandwich at MB.

                        2. Your review
                          worst meal of my life‎ - ‎ - Today
                          My family ate ate King bar b que tonight and it was terrible. The food, the sampler,was like a soup it had so much sauce.

                          It was over cooked, hard, like beef jerky, and inedible.

                          I realized when i came home that we should have s sent it back and not paid, but the little girl, about 10 years old, who served us was so young that we did not have the heart to do that.
                          We will never go back and would advise everybody else to stay away too. My Brothers Bar B Que is just a few blocks away and the food there is delicious, So much for new adventures
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