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Feb 9, 2009 07:31 AM

Monster Seafood! (DC)

Just got back from a weekend trip to Philly where I discovered a lil piece of heaven. We went to the large indoor market (by market street) where everything imaginable was include shrimp that were the width of my arm, im not joking! Their lobster tails were insanely large too! Im wondering, does Eastern market offer stuff like this??? and/or the Wharf ??

Lemme know :)

ps Salt River Lobster is offering an amazing Valentine's Day Special!!!!!

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  1. The Reading Terminal Market is a really cool place! Again, I am shocked by how often Costco has what people are looking for and by the quality of their selection (which really only is helpful if you are a member)- they have u-15 frozen shrimp for $9.99-12.99/pound. They also have huge frozen lobster tails for around $20/pound.

    1. sadly, no. EM's selections are usu. the standard sizes, but if you call ahead and ask they might talk to their supplier. for a while in 2008 they had giant squid and octopus.

      Love the Reading Market.