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Feb 9, 2009 07:25 AM

menu for Restaurant Stanley?

I am planning my trip to N.O. in March, and am interested in going to Stanley based on reviews here, but it seems their website is nonexistent...and I can't find the menu anywhere online. Any ideas?

BTW last year our trip was all around 'fine dining', this year we are going casual....any suggestions for new and interesting on a budget? I have EAT and Stanley on my radar so far....

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  1. We had lunch at Stanley: Korean beef po boy cold, seared RAW (not rare)beef w/kimchee ...not good, softshell poboy, tasty, 1 side order of standard fries, 2 cokes $50 pre tip. You can lunch at Commander's for not much more. Try Rambla in the International House Hotel.

    1. You are correct, Stanley's website is nonexistent and I have yet to find a menu online anywhere else.

      But here is a rundown of the menu from memory: gumbo, burger, fries, onion rings, korean beef and kimchi po-boy, eggs benedict with softshell crab or fried oysters or boudin, reuben (which I hear is killer) and a long list of freshly made fruit sodas (at $4 per pop).

      1. I ate there a few weeks ago when I was in town and I have the say the Reuben is just as good as before they closed to move. The bloody mary is one of the better ones I have had. I have no problem with the pricing.

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          Just ate there this weekend. The Egss Stella (eggs benedict with soft shell crab) and pancakes were really great. Agree about the bloody mary being one of the better ones - with a nice pickled string bean inside. Yum. Not cheap by any means, but very tasty.

        2. we just ate here for bfast too. it was good but honestly its not punch-yourself-in-the-face good. nice day-after breakfast for those long nites... beautiful space.

          i had the eggs benedict on frenchbread, she had the omelet sammich. each $8.95, and tasty. italian sodas $4, mimosa's a pricy $7 (im used to $2-3 in the marigny).

          basically its a high-end diner.

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            Thanks everybody for your input! I will go and try to talk them into hiring some high schooler to make them a website...LOL