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Feb 9, 2009 07:18 AM

Salsa Lizano and Aji Chileno in Baltimore?

Has anyone had any luck finding salsa lizano (from Costa Rica) or aji chileno (from Chile) in the greater Baltimore area? I searched the board and saw that there are a few Chilean restaurants closer to Bethesda and DC; I'm willing to travel if either place also sells groceries. Thanks!

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  1. I am a huge fan of Salsa Lizano too and have been preserving my last bottle. But, I just found out you can order it online:


    It is also for sale through Amazon.

    1. Jnfrd and Mselin: In DC, I've gotten Salsa Lizano at a Latino supermarket in Mt. Pleasant. I figured if they have it, that other similar places would as well, but maybe not? I can check for aji chileno the next time I go there -- which should be soon, since we're almost out of Lizano.

      Let me know if you want more specific info on this place, tho it's not Baltimore -- driving down here still might cost less than shipping it....

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        Thanks, mselectra! I'd love the info on the Latino supermarket: I'm still hoping for a place close by Baltimore, but I'm willing to drive. And please let me know if they have aji chileno! I haven't had any luck finding it in MD at all.

        1. re: jnfrd

          Sorry to be so slow to reply! Bought a big bottle of Salsa Lizano a week or two ago. I did look for aji chileno and didn't see it -- but I might have missed it since I don't know what it looks like, and there's a lot of stuff packed into a small space in this store -- I should have asked, but they were really busy right then.

          Here's the info on the store: It's next to the 7-11. There are a couple other Latino markets on Mt. Pleasant, so it might be worth checking them out, too.
          If you do make the trip down here and want advice for a meal while you're in the neighborhood....