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Feb 9, 2009 07:05 AM

Jersey Mikes in Plano

Stopped by to pick up supper last night. I ordered 1 regular Roast Beef, 1 Turkey and 1 Italian. The roast beef is roasted on site and is very good. Very rare but not bloody. The turkey was for my wife she said it was very good. The Itallain was full of 2 differnt kinds of ham and 2 kinds of salami. All sandwiches came with pravalone cheese.

As good as any sandwich I've had in Dallas. Bread was just right and the oil and vinegar really blended everything together. Meat is cut on demand with each sandwich. Really nice young staff who seem to enjoy working there. Not the snot nose types at most fast food places in Plano. Prices are reasonabale . The regualr size is 5.47 and is more than enough to fill you up. They offer some hot subs like a philly cheese also.

I think they chose a bad location on the 75 service road, but it it close to my house. Go by and give them some business, it would be a shame to see them go away. They are located just south of Fishmongers.

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  1. One of the places I missed most when I moved to Dallas! They just opened one in Flower Mound at 1171/Long Pririe and I couldn't be happier. No sub shop I've ever eaten at can compare to Jersey Mikes. Their meats and cheese are so fresh and delicious, their bread is awesome and you should try their tuna salad and Philly or Rueben sometime :) mmmmm

    1. I also went by this week, WOW! what a sandwich, definitely the best in DFW & the staff was awesome! Well groomed young guys, who gave great, friendly customer service, the manager even came by and asked us how our meal tasted and told us about "cookies for rookies", first timers get a free cookie for dessert! can't beat that.

      Like fishfry, I encourage you to give them your business.....i have the menu posted on the fridge.......the address is 1881 North Central Expressway #100 & phone number is 972-509-1881

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        I will say ever since trying them in NJ I have loved them. I was pleased when about 5 years ago they oppened the one on Greenville Ave in Dallas close to where I worked at the time. They then opened a second location in Las Colinas. Now a third and fourth location are opening (Flower Mound and Plano). I hope the trend continues and knocks Subway out of Dallas. I will say the #13 Mikes Way is by far my favorite on their menu. I always get the largest b/c it is even good later on. Out of the chain sub shops I believe they make the best because they slice the meat when you order it (not some presliced combo mix of cold cuts), keep the toppings limited so they are always fresh (do you reall need to make your sub into a salad?) and don't have crazy salad dressings (why bother with meat when you have Ranch on your sub to make your sub into a salad on a bun?) to smother the taste.