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Feb 9, 2009 06:32 AM

Where to buy Iwatani tabletop gas stove?

I've been looking for an Iwatani portable gas stove to use indoors. I live close to Guelph. Does anyone know where to buy? Thanks.

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  1. I am not sure of the brand names but there are tabletop gas stoves available at two Korean/Japanese grocery stores on King Street in Kitchener. One is at the intersection of King and Victoria, the other is just north on King in the plaza with Tim Hortons. I am sorry, I cannot remember the names of either. There are also two large Vietnamese grocery stores on King south of the Kitchener market, New City and Benh Than(sp?) that I think may carry them as well.

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      Many thanks for such detailed direction. I'll try to find out.

    2. It's a nice brand but tough to find in Canada. Butane-cannister burners are easy to find around Mississauga--not all that far from Guelph. Places like T&T(Mavis+Central Pkwy) and H&H(Burhhamthorpe+Creditview)carry them.

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        I've really thought of Mississauga being my next try since I didn't find this brand at T&T in Promenade nor Pacific Mall last week. Thanks for mentioning these places and I can try right away.

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          You might also call Mika's Japanese Gifts in Mississauga(Mavis+Bristol not far S of the 401)--also good for nabe pots. There's also who might help out, too.

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            Great! Thank you! I've been even feeling the searching itself more exciting than finding out the stove. I'm looking forward to making cakes stuffed with red bean paste and think a gas stove may work better.

      2. I use a patio stove indoors for occasional high heat or slow braises. These are cast iron propane burners, available at Costco and Honest Ed's. I monitor the air with a carbon monoxide device, but there has never been a problem. The advantage is high heat when you need it, under a wok or cast iron pan. My electric range won't do this.

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          Many thanks. It's pretty a practical idea. Honestly, it's the tag of outdoor/indoor makes me concerned and stuck. And, I didn't find the burners you mentioned from Costco's website but would keep in mind.

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            Jay, propane is heavier than air so it sinks in a room or dwelling. If you have a propane leak and there's anything near the floor that emits a spark like a hot water heater or furnace, it's kaboom!

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              Amen. Those burners usually surface in late summer/fall for tomato processing and always get set up outdoors. A friend used one for a semi-successful deep-fried turkey experiment this year--think enormous misshapen, soggy french fry.. Would NEVER drag one into anything enclosed.

          2. kbc specialty products is a company in mississauga that carries iwatani products they have a website

            1. You might want to try the STOP restaurant supply place heading into Kitchener from Guelph. I seem to recall them selling a device like this, with the shampoo-sized gas canister than fits into the side.