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Indeblue (?) in Collingswood

I live in Collingswood and have been wishing for an Indian place for years. This weekend we drove down Collings Ave in the evening and I saw a place open across from Blackbird Dining Establishment, that I think was called Indeblue, Indieblue, something like that. I am hoping that it is an Indian joint- has anyone been? I'll go over later this week and see if there is a menu I can take home, but can anyone give me a review? Right now if I am jonesing for some Indian take-out we call Palace of Asia. It's the only thing around.


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  1. Yes it is an Indian place. It is very good. Try their home made Naan with spinach and cheese - awsome. Also leave room for desert and order meet balls and spaghetti - it is out of this world!

    1. Thank you for posting this. We have dined at Blackbird and were curious about this new place ourselves. Hope to stop by in mid March while heading back from Philly.

      1. There's Gagan Palace. But I call it Gagging Palace.
        Coriander in Voorhees is OK and there is a new place
        on Haddonfield Rd and 295 near Subzi Mandi.

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          Gagan Palace is actually pretty good, if it's the one on Gibbsboro Rd. Palace of Asia is so-so, tends to be to salty or unbalanced in flavors. Great new place in Mt Laurel is Monsoon, in shopping ctr where Zagaras' was a few years ago, at 295 & Rt 38. Superb biryani and navrattan korma. http://www.monsoonindiancuisine.com/ Indieblue - if that's the name, sounds worth checking out.

        2. We had take-out last week. We didn't have a menu so we walked in to order. The staff was extremely friendly, they insisted we sit at a table to look over the menu brought us water and a complimentary mango lassi, which was very good. We ordered the Lamb Rogan Josh which was excellent. The lamb was very tender and the sauce was well spiced. The baingan bartha was a bit bland. We sampled a couple of their breads, the lasooni naan was very good, while the roti was a bit tough. All in all it was hit or miss, but I would definitely return. There's much more on the menu I'd like to try.

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            thanks for the report.

            I'll have to try it just to experience two things that I have never encountered before: "indian restaurant" and "friendly staff".

            1. Had take out twice and enjoyed it a lot both times. Staff was courteous and complimentary drink at the bar was fantastic. Cool decor and music too. Great find.

              1. warning to all...stay clear of this place! that is ...unless you enjoy sitting in the most uncomfortable dinning room you have ever eaten in. Indeblue feels more like a cooperate cafeteria than an indian restaurant. I could not wait to try the place, however, the moment i stepped in the door i began to get worried. the wait staff was just hanging around. no one showed us to our seat...they just pointed to the table. Then i brought a bottle of wine. the waiter asked if he could open it. He took it away and brought it back...just plunking it on the table. He didnt even pour us our first glass. (this is waiting 101 Indeblue) by the time we ordered we were only 2 of 4 people in the restaurant. Our waiter could not remember which one of us got which entree. Honestly?!?!? 4 people in the whole place....you are only waiting on 2 of them...and you forget what they ordered. Just plain old bad service in my book.
                so onto the most important thing: the food. To start off we ordered the samosas. sadly they were under-seasoned and rather dry. (try buying a samosa at "spices of inda"...its a small indian spice shop on maple ave. in cherry hill....they cost 75 cents...and are 10 times better.) also the samosas came with some chickpeas.....why?....who knows? they were actually very tasty, but made no sense on the plate. We would have preferred them inside the samosa, not as an afterthought. Next up was some garlic naan. they came on a paper doily direct from 1987. (FYI Indeblue: those doilies ran out of fashion a very long time ago....how bout a basket next time.....or just a small plate) As someone who loves his naan ( i make it every week) i was happy about the breads texture. It was soft and chewy. Sadly, no salt. These are the building blocks of cooking.....please just salt your food IndeBlue. Between courses we went to the bathroom and got to glance at the very open kitchen at IndeBlue. the counter was cluttered with plates and bus bins. As for the kitchen, a little on the sloppy side. used spoons and dirty rags were strewn about. As a chef myself (not in the area) i find this to be unacceptable in any kitchen let a lone an open one. Show us you care Indeblue- about service and the food!
                finally, we ordered two entrees, the black lentils, and a lamb dish with coconut and coriander. the main attraction was actually very nice. Although, or respective dishes did have a number of cardamom pods in it, and when eaten it is most unpleasant. sadly the whole thing was tainted by the basmati rice. Rather than just serving plain basmati rice, our rice contained, peppers, onions, cilantro, and cashews. there was no reason for all this garnish. (please keep it simpler Indeblue, your customers will thank you. At this point we realized there was no music playing in the restaurant and were getting the general "im feeling creeped out" sentiment. So my partner and i corked up our wine (of course not with our cork....because the waiter threw that one away....thanks.) and paid our bill.
                In closing, Indeblue has the ability to turn you off right from the get go with its brightly colored decor and complete IKEA furnishings ( and I mean everything....even the silverware is from IKEA). However the food is moderate at best, and at least it is cheep. in many ways, it could be one of the cheapest places in collingswood right now. so as a costumer you must ask yourself if you just want to shovel food down your pipe or actually sit down for a meal. there is a difference. I sincerely hope Indeblue gets its act together. I would love a reliable indian restaurant in town. But the first way to do this is through good food (since i doubt your decor will change in the near future. ) Also, like most places, their menu is far to big. Again, keep it simple. We honestly coudnt tell the difference between many of the items on the menu. One sounds like another, or has the same ingredients in it as another. I will undoubtably try Indeblue again (perhaps from their takeout menu), as i believe all places deserve a second chance. Although, if you are the kind of person that appreciates a well cooked, comforting indian classic, this is not the place for you.

                1. My husband and I are loyal Palace of Asia customers. I do agree that lately the food there has been saltier than normal. We just tried Inde Blue and were impressed with the food. The staff was extremely friendly. We will be going back soon.

                  1. My husband and I have dined there once and picked up dinner on a few occasions. It is FANTASTIC. The staff is always super-friendly and the quality of food is top-notch. We have been to Blackbird across the street a number of times and were thrilled that another great gem opened on the west side of Collingswood.

                    1. Well, since I originally posted this I have been back three times, and all three times I found it to be quite good. I experienced none of the problems noted by kgarabed in the post below. The aloo ghobi is delicious, as is the mango lassi- very fresh and tasty. I found the rice to be great- very light with nice bits of fried onion granished on top, but not overpowering. I thought the music and the modern decor to be nice change from the usual Indian place you might find in the strip malls around here. I did not get "creeped out'.
                      Also, for those with kids-we took our two year old there for an early dinner, and they could not have been nicer or more accomodating. Get the "spaghetti and meatballs" ice cream dessert and ask the chef to make it tableside. It is adorable.

                      While I'm here, I'm going to take another opportunity to plug Thai Basil,on Haddon Ave in Collingswood, which I posted about a few weeks back. They got a great review in the Courier Post last week, and I really encourage everyone to check it out.

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                        Favorable review today in the Courier Post for this restaurant: