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Feb 9, 2009 06:06 AM

Indeblue (?) in Collingswood

I live in Collingswood and have been wishing for an Indian place for years. This weekend we drove down Collings Ave in the evening and I saw a place open across from Blackbird Dining Establishment, that I think was called Indeblue, Indieblue, something like that. I am hoping that it is an Indian joint- has anyone been? I'll go over later this week and see if there is a menu I can take home, but can anyone give me a review? Right now if I am jonesing for some Indian take-out we call Palace of Asia. It's the only thing around.


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  1. Yes it is an Indian place. It is very good. Try their home made Naan with spinach and cheese - awsome. Also leave room for desert and order meet balls and spaghetti - it is out of this world!

    1. Thank you for posting this. We have dined at Blackbird and were curious about this new place ourselves. Hope to stop by in mid March while heading back from Philly.

      1. There's Gagan Palace. But I call it Gagging Palace.
        Coriander in Voorhees is OK and there is a new place
        on Haddonfield Rd and 295 near Subzi Mandi.

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          Gagan Palace is actually pretty good, if it's the one on Gibbsboro Rd. Palace of Asia is so-so, tends to be to salty or unbalanced in flavors. Great new place in Mt Laurel is Monsoon, in shopping ctr where Zagaras' was a few years ago, at 295 & Rt 38. Superb biryani and navrattan korma. Indieblue - if that's the name, sounds worth checking out.

        2. We had take-out last week. We didn't have a menu so we walked in to order. The staff was extremely friendly, they insisted we sit at a table to look over the menu brought us water and a complimentary mango lassi, which was very good. We ordered the Lamb Rogan Josh which was excellent. The lamb was very tender and the sauce was well spiced. The baingan bartha was a bit bland. We sampled a couple of their breads, the lasooni naan was very good, while the roti was a bit tough. All in all it was hit or miss, but I would definitely return. There's much more on the menu I'd like to try.

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            thanks for the report.

            I'll have to try it just to experience two things that I have never encountered before: "indian restaurant" and "friendly staff".