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Feb 9, 2009 05:57 AM

Seeking birthday celebration venue

Birthday coming up again...already!! We like to venture in to Boston and go to a mid to high end restaurant we've never been to. Sometimes it s way to quiet and sedate. Although good food is critically important, would like somewhat of a festive atmosphere. I like seafood (except sushi) but will eat anything. Places we've already been include; Hungry I, L'Espalier, Salts, Hammersly's, Pigalle, Eastern Standard, Great Bay, Prezza, Oleana, Craige St Bistro, Rendevoux, Grotto, Chez Henri (bar), Sel de le Terre, Gargoyles, EVOO, Hungry Mother, Lala Rohk, Olives, Sage, Terramia, Tangierino, Ten Tables

Places we;re considering include Via Matta, Icarus, Mamma Maria, Mistral, No. 9 Park ,Radius, Rialto, Scampo, Stella, Troguet, Upstairs on the Square, Teatro.

Where should I book for Feb 19??

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  1. Hey, isn't anyone gonna help me pick out a birthday spot???

    1. I will reply, even though I came on here with essentially the same question you have. But I heartily recommend No. 9 Park. You won't be disappointed with either the food or the professional but non-stuffy service. Now, since I've been there a couple of times, what will someone recommend for my birthday? Thinking of going back to Hammersly's, it's been a while, or maybe Petit Robert. But which one?

      1. You have some pretty decent choices in the list you are considering. I enjoy sitting at the bar in Scampo for their lobster pizza. The restaurant does have a hotel feel, but it's good for people watching. For something more upscale I would opt for Troquet. They know their wine, offer a wonderful cheese tray and the food is good. Another place that I like that not everyone else seems to is OM. The atmosphere is so serene, service is good and I find the food to be creative.

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          I'm thinking Scampo for something fun w good chow. Made a res but am still pondering my options and seeking input.