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Feb 9, 2009 05:42 AM

Craigie Brunch or James Franco?

What was the more exciting part of my weekend?

MR and I grabbed a "light" dinner at the Rendezvous bar. Got those delicious grilled sardines again along with the seared scallops. I had the Nehru cocktail because the saffron gin and cardamom piqued my interest. I liked it for its novelty but I don't know if I'd get it again. I tasted more saffron than anything else. We also lingered over a cheese plate at the end. Nice soft rind cow's milk cheese (like fancy laughing cow... forgive me for my crassness) and tangy Stilton. As we lingered and the restaurant emptied out, my husband scanned the room and said "check out James Franco in the corner" I laughed when I saw he was talking about a slouchy squinty guy in the booth on the opposite side of the room until I realized it was indeed the real James Franco. Ah, celebrity sightings are so rare in Boston....

But that thrill was almost overshadowed by the excellent brunch I had the next afternoon at Craigie. Hounds, run don't walk there on Sunday morning! I had the sausage with biscuit and gravy. The sausage was outstanding, the biscuit good but not as fluffy as I'd like but perfectly adequate for sopping up egg and sauce. My mom had the steak and eggs. The potato galette pure salty crunchy goodness. My dad got the corned beef hash which was fresh and a far cry (obviously) from the canned stuff at your usual brunch. MR got the grits with mackerel... I didn't get a bite of that but he said it was great. We also got a side of pork belly that was melt in your mouth delicious that sadly we could not finish. To accompany our meal, we also had some outstanding bloody marys. MR had pepper vodka, I had pepper gin.

Overall, the Craigie brunch, while more expensive than say Soundbites or Deluxe Town Diner, is a great way to try Craigie without breaking the bank.

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  1. Sounds great! I'm a Craigie fan anyway, and have been waiting a bit for the newness to die off and to hear what kind of food they are serving to check out brunch. You had me at corned beef hash. Looking forward to checking it out soon!

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      Although their dinner menu rotates quite a bit, they do post the brunch menu on the website with only minor changes:

      It had me drooling...BTW the waitress said that yesterday was only the third weekend they have offered brunch but honestly they nailed it. I also liked that there was no buffet. I want someone to make something just for me.

    2. What a coincidence! I've been wanting to try both Craigie AND James Franco!