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Feb 9, 2009 05:29 AM

How long does wine keep for cooking?

Occaisionally, I have had wine leftover from entertaining, or now and then a hlaf bottle of wine that i have neglected to drink for a few days after opening. I just hate to pour it down the drain. Just how long can I keep a stoppered bottle of wine in the fridge before it is no longer good for even cooking?

If you have any suggestions for wine intensive recipes that would help me use it up, I would appreciate that also. Coq au vin is too labor intensive for me though. :(

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  1. Your wine should be fine for a while. I'd say a week or so as long as you're not pouring a bunch of it in right at the end of cooking. But as an extra flavor kick, you should be fine. The real answer should come from you though... pour a small bit into any glass and see if it tastes OK. It may not be in it's freshest form but as long as it isn't offensive then you're fine.

    FYI: Coq au Vin isn't hard to make! The dish is simply a braise so most of the time is spent unattended. If you can chop some vegetables and brown some chicken, you'll do fine!

    1. personally, if i won't drink it, i won't cook with it

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        Yes and no... That kind of statement is warranted if you're serving dinner to friends on Saturday night, but not for everyday weeknight meals.

        For instance, say you're making a quick tomato sauce for pasta and you want to add some 3 day old wine to the pot - go for it. As long as it's not vinegar (and after 3 days it shouldn't be!) you'll be fine.

        Conversely, if you're making a red wine sauce with filet mignon for you and the in-laws, don't use the 3 day old wine.

      2. There was a long discussion on this topic a few weeks ago:

        1. Seems that as wine ages it becomes more acidic which can actually be a good thing when cooking. Thanks to the nice acetobacter you're adding wine and vinegar simultaneously. I always cook with old wine instead of throwing it away. I would feel bad for the people who produced it, otherwise.