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Feb 9, 2009 04:25 AM

Where to eat on St Kitts ( other then The Beach House)

I had an excellent dinner at the Beach House last night, and would like to try another restaurant tomorrow evening. Any suggestions?

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  1. We just got back from St. Kitts and stayed at the Marriott. Nice central location (though not a viable beach by any means). And you can use points for your stay!
    We did not avail ourselves of the restaurants along the strip nearby, but enjoyed a pleasant walk to Frigate Bay at night and ate at several places there. Shiggety Shack was a fun atmosphere but not such fun food (the soups were great though; conch chowder and pumpkin); Buddies further down the beach was terrific and the fish soup and fresh local grilled fish were awesome. You can choose your own catch of the day if you ask! Ask for Tony the waiter; he's wonderful.

    At South Friar's Beach (aka Shipwreck Beach--our favorite for beaching it) there is a new place called Jam Rock. It's terrific! The owner is a lovely Jamaican man and the food really authentic. It's a great alternative to the new Carambola a bit down the beach that seemed way too...whatever for our tastes. Caribbean tapas? Coconut schnitzel? Uh-uh (though their beach chairs are the best--you rent any chairs and umbrellas at each establishment).
    Jam Rock has fiery but flavorful jerkā€¦and the biggest lobster hands-down I have seen (and it's one price, not by the pound). Grilled and served with locals vegs and rice, it was a feast. They also have saltfish fritters which are hard to find, and some fabulous drinks. Lovely bartender named Amy too, who is a vet student at the school. We are missing it as I write!