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Feb 9, 2009 03:47 AM

Best place for unsliced pancetta, London?

As a valentine's gift for my OH, I'd like to buy an unsliced block of pancetta; does anyone have any recommendations for the best place to buy one? So far I can only find it pre-sliced; anywhere in SE/central London preferably.

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  1. You could try phoning Camisa in Soho.

    1. La Fromagerie in Highbury and Marylebone do excellent pancetta.

      They slice it for you normally but I'm sure they would sell you a large piece.

      But they are a bit expensive.

      1. Lina in soho? SE 1- theres a great italian stall selling pancetta and salamis in the central market at borough market, perhaps they sell it whole also.
        In kings x i used to go to Continental stores on caledonian rd......

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          I've seen unsliced pancetta at the Ginger Pig in Borough (and they probably have it at their other outlets)

          1. re: beckypoostchi

            Second Lina as a source. Always available off the block. Makes a pretty good carbonara... Try their home made sausages and ravioli while you're there.

            1. re: SpikeyD

              Thanks everyone - looks like Lina stores, or failing that, Ginger Pig will have what I'm after. And thanks also for not even questioning the wisdom of bacon as a romantic gift ;-)

              1. re: babybat

                i'd be more than happy with a block of salted fatty pork as a valentines day gift.. More so than chocolate!

          2. I buy mine at A&C Continental deli in Brixton. They slice it to order, so you could easily buy it in a piece.