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Feb 9, 2009 01:59 AM

Thoughts on La Botte?

Been browsing this board lately for my upcoming drive from SF to SD on the fellowship interview trail. Will be stopping in LA for 2 days for an interview (and a Kings game) and already have reservations at Osteria Mozza for Saturday evening. Was considering La Botte for Friday dinner (want Italian, will be doing mostly french/fresh fish in SF and my travel companions won't touch sushi) as we've already been to All' Angelo. The reviews I've seen on this board and most foodie blogs have been positive, but few and far between - any reasons for this? How does the experience compare to Valentino? Angelini Osteria?

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  1. La Botte is great. Their food is as good or better than any Italian one could name in LA. The owner is always friendly and as far as I have seen is ALWAYS there. The food is top notch. Typical in quintessential Italian cooking, high quality ingredients, used effectively and simply to coax out the best flavors possible. Pastas here are always amazing, especially and of the stuffed ones that may be on the menu, but certainly the braised beef ravioli are always a pleaser. Wine list is fairly comprehensive (at least in Italian reds) and has many reasonably priced selections as well as a fair share of top shelf labels and vintages. If you're looking for other alternatives, look into Pecorino, and/or Picolo. Also both very fine Italian places.

    1. I like it. I think it's better overall than Angelini Osteria, although if you just want a plate of pasta then maybe you should go there). I think the wine list is actually quite expensive, but it's also impressive. Last I checked, they don't even offer corkage so don't attempt to circumvent the high-priced wines.

      The location of the restaurant isn't wonderful but I do like the decor and ambience once inside.

      I don't think people generally head so far west for their food as most 'hounds have a general disdain for the westside. It could also be that people found it average and not worth posting about. I personally think the place is quite good.

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        Don't forget about the Michelin star... Not too many places in LA have that.
        Of course there are many more that should... but that's another thread entirely.

      2. Honestly La Botte is cute but way overpriced. My bill for 2 was around 300$ including a bottle of Gutturnio (wine from Emilia). The food was ok, nothing special. It is an Osteria that is a little too full of itself. Again food is not bad, but not on a level of Valentino, Melisse, or Tre Venezie. Osteria Angelini is better and half the price.

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          To be fair, as expensive as La Botte can be (especially with wine), Valentino and Melisse are noticeably more money. It's all quite expensive but the OP should know what he's getting into. I can't comment on Tre Venezia though. Looking forward to trying that one.

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            Valentino and Melisse you get something special... If you took La Botte and put it in Italy, the restaurant would be a mediocre trattoria. Valentino tasting is 85$... Valentino uses Chino Farms Veg, Niman Ranch Pork, Meat from Four Story Hill Farm... there really is no comparisome...
            You have to try Tre Venezie... now we have a very under rated restaurant

        2. Thanks all - as I don't drink, wine will not be an issue - I go for the food.
          Valentino, given its LV outpost, seems more commercial (and yes I realize I'm saying that in the context of someone going to Mozza) and part of the appeal of La Botte has been the fantastic service via e-mail/phone - its not often the owner answers his own mail (or perhaps has someone sign his name.)

          I think I'll give La Botte a go, especially since they serve their full dinner menu at lunch on Fridays.

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            I don't think you'll be disappointed. Report back and tell us what you think.

          2. justfound the link and thought i'd commentand bump it.
            The food is stellar. the Duck prosciutto (fatto in casa), the branzino prosciutto with a bit of sea urchin, wonderful soups, the cassunziei all'ampezzana (or cortinese, if you like) are fantastic and more to my taste than the ones at Tre Venezie. The Branzino prepared in an al cartoccio style is always great. The desserts are surprisingly good, esp the ricotta cheesecake which is a revelation as to how good this can be.

            My two cents.

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              I went. I posted a review. It was okay.