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Feb 8, 2009 10:35 PM


Headed to Cartagena tomorrow. Any recommendations? Will also be in Baranquilla, Santa Marta and Medillin on this trip so any recommendations for those destinations would be welcome as well. Cheers, A.

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  1. You'll see Cartagena recs on the board already. To quickly recap, I'd go with La Vitrola (best meal IMO in Cartagena), Club de Pesca, and La Dulceria (for casual lunch). You're going to have a great time...

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    1. Was just in Cartagena two weeks ago. Great food. Pizza En El Parque for fun, casual outdoor pizza served in a low key neighborhood park - try the pear and bacon version. El Santisimo just moved into a new location with rooftop dining right near the Sofitel hotel - lovely, high end dinner with tamarind prawns, salmon ceviche that was similar to gravlax, and a sophisticated take on traditional caribbean fish stew. El Cocina de Socorro - pardon my spelling - best arroz con mariscos of the trip (I had a lot) and excellent grilled fish with fine herbes and arroz con coco. La Casa de Socorro - more casual than El Cocina - also great. incredible calamari and grilled lobster al diablo. curious capirinhas made with aguardiente. La Cevicheria- worth it for just their ceviche con coco y limon alone. Excellent, fresh fish. Drinks after at the fancy schmancy bar at the Sofitel hotel. Dulce de leche and coconut treats for dessert at the Portal de los Dulces.

      1. So, Slut, how'd it go? Didn't see you here in Cali.

        1. only been to Medellin but many times as my wife is from there. beautiful city and good food as well...(you tube anthony bourdain in Medellin) i love ajiaco , lechona (rice and veggie stuffed pig served with its own crispy skin) and a great bandeja for places cant recommend many as i dont remember nakes to well but try Dona Lechona its a chain for great lechona and mondongos for great mondongo (tripe) dishes as well as typical plates sucjh as the bandeja paisa.

          1. oops guess i was a little late.................................didnt see the date