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Feb 8, 2009 10:26 PM

Beretta - I suspect it is actually better than I experienced

Went to brunch at Beretta today. Very good gin-based cocktail that apparently is no longer on the menu but the bartender recommended -- something with orgeat, lemon, gin, and something else in a highball glass with crushed ice and quite a bit of shredded orange and lemon rind. Very nice, a bit tangy, and quite bright.

Then a salad of winter greens and blood orange with a very tangy dressing and large croutons with a bread made with anisette; a nice taste.

From the brunch menu, a scramble of eggs, mushrooms, fontina cheese, and scallions. Served with house potatoes. I'm sorry I didn't order something of the regular menu as there was nothing special about the scramble. It was very respectable in its normalcy, but nothing exceptional.

Great service and a very engaging bar tender who was attentive to my needs, following up regularly to check on my progress and comfort.

Being in the area, I tried to go back that evening with others for a pizza, but finding a 2-hour wait, we went around the corner to the Velvet Cantina... (wished we hadn't).

Over all, I wish I had stuck with the standard menu -- a simple scramble was just that; too simple and unexceptional. I'm sure it was just poor ordering on my part.

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  1. Nice report, Carrie.

    This is one of my favorite cocktail places in the city--great bartenders, good selection of liquors, inventive drinks--but I don't love their menu, and after 2 or 3 tries, I don't think I'd return for a full meal again.

    In my mind, great place to sit at the bar with a friend and nibble at an appetizer (fava bean and pecorino bruschette was excellent), but that's all.

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      1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110