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Feb 8, 2009 10:10 PM

Catering help! ~80 people, ~$7-8 budget - Newport Beach/OC area

Hi All! The guys from my church want to help appreciate the gals from our church. We are looking to cater (because we can't cook complicated things well ... or at least reliably well). We were considering catering from Buca di beppo or Maggiano's and supplementing with a salad creation that we could probably conjur up. Italian is preferred.

We are trying to feed ~80 people but if there is less, the guys won't eat. =)

My first post on chowhound so I will try to provide details if we can. Budget right now is<$600 for ~80 folks. How can we feed ourselves cheaply but nicely as well?

Also, any dessert recommendations that are tasty and inexpensive and come in large amounts?

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  1. Buca's did have a reasonable menu. We just checked this as we were considering them for our daughter's wedding. The manicotti is awesome, and that was one of the most popular with the guests. The one thing I'd stray from on Buca's menu were their salads, which seemed very pricey for what they were. I'd probably hit Costco or Sam's for the fixings:

    Fresh spinach leaves
    Spring mix or similar
    Grated carrots
    Hormel Bacon Bits (real bacon)
    Newman's Oil & Vinegar
    Fresh grated romano or parmesean
    Garlic & Butter croutons

    Slice, dice, and grate ahead of time, then toss it all together no more than an hour before serving.

    Will Buca's sell large pans of Tiramisu for dessert?

    1. I know that Teri & Yaki is a bit far but they cater to a lot of churches. We did a big event for 100 people for our church and everybody loved the food. The price was reasonable and they deliver pretty far. They bring their food in warming units so the food came pretty warm. Check out their website and give them a call. I think that $600 for 80 is quite doable.