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Feb 8, 2009 08:57 PM

Picholine's menu d’ economie

If you've tried it, what are your thoughts? How are the portion sizes? Thanks.

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  1. I heard it's only available in the bar area and in the dinning room after 9pm.

    1. We got it last week. It's 72 bucks for 4 courses. The portions are generous and there are plenty of choices -- and not just cheap ones. Scallops (2 big, fat ones), duck risotto, gnocci with bottaga (a little mushy), squab -- and you can have cheese as one of your courses. We had the fromagier pick for us and we got 5 terrific and not-skimpy choices. Desserts are extra - $12 I think. There's a wine list of 60 under $60. We were kind of railroaded by the sommelier into a $60 pick. We could have resisted, yes, but it was one of those, "oh you must get this..." schticks. Oh well.

      Personally, I wasn't wild about the stuffy, hush-hush atmosphere. I'm continually less and less inclined to eat at fancy, uptown places, but obviously that's a personal preference.

      All in all, not a budget meal by any stretch but a good deal if you're looking for a high-end tasting menu-type experience.

      Oh, and I should add, that we ate in the main dining room. The menu is offered there by request only, and only on the day of.

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        The menu d'economie is offered Monday through Thursday, in both the bar and dining room, after 9 pm. You do not have to wait until the day of to reserve for the dining room, but you can call on the day of your reservation to see if they can give you an earlier table, specifying that you intend to order from that menu.

      2. Update: We had dinner at Picholine last night. They now offer 2 lower-priced menus, the "menu d'Economie" and "Tastings of Picholine" . They are identical except that the menu d'economie is only served after 9 pm (unless there is an earlier table on the day of) and allows ordering only one or 2 courses, priced at $20 per course. It also offers "tasting flights" (3 tapas-size dishes for $20). Otherwise, both menus offer 3 courses for $58 and unlimited additional courses at $12 each, and the dishes on the 2 menus are identical. The Tastings is offered Monday through Thursday but with no time restriction. The portions are generous, the same as the ones on the regular tasting menu. We ordered 4 courses each and then shared a dessert. We felt the amount of food was just right. We also had a nice bottle of wine for $45, from the special wine list of 60 wines for $60 or less. It seems you have to ask for that list, or you will only be given the regular list. The selection of dishes is wonderful. We had lobster, scallops, foie gras shabu-shabu (an amazing dish), grilled rouget, squab, and torchon of sweetbreads. Dessert was a chocolate marquise. Everything was as superb as any other meal we have had there. You only get one amuse, as compared with 3 when ordering from the regular menu, but you do get the full complement of mignardises, which rival the best I have had in France, and top any that I have had in New York. It was an exceptional dinner, and cost about $100 less than we normally spend there. I expect to dine there much more often now that this is available.

        1. Has anyone tried using the promotional $50 gift card? The website says there might be restrictions.

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            The gift card can only be used for regular menu in the main dining room, not towards the menu d'Economie, regardless of where (bar or main dining room) you have it