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Feb 8, 2009 08:52 PM

Am I missing anything in Vallejo/American Canyon?

I live in Napa, which means that I have to usually drive to the Bay Area to find ethnic cuisines (aside from Mexican, of course). Is there anything decent in Vallejo/AC that I've been passing by? I'm open to recommendations for any place that's good, regardless of what they serve.

I hardly ever see Vallejo/AC mentioned here, but these are decent-sized cities, so there must be a couple gems.


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  1. Well, super Wal-Mart has a sushi counter and the in-store bakery makes challah on Friday/ AC is more chain/American/Mexican.

    Vallejo is big on Filipino. Lots of good bakeries.

    However, IMO, Hercules has better Filipino food.

    Ano Thai Lao Cuisine (in the above list) has good Thai. Driving by Tenessee almost opposite Ano Thai, there's a new Middle Eastern place that had a sign it is opening soon ... surprising for Vallejo.

    The owners of Georgia Street Grill are from Guam and have a few of those dishes on the menu.

    Kalbee has Korean food, but I don't remember any Chowhound reports about it.

    Haven't tried Pho1 Noodle House yet, but Sunshine Bakery has bahn mi and I like their Asian baked goods.

    There are a few Chinese and a Japanese restaurants in that list. Haven't tried them so look at the reports.

    I know you don't want Mexican, but you should check out La Michoacana which makes paletas and Mexican ice cream. It is also the best panaderia in the North Bay, IMO and probably one of the better in the entire Bay Area.

    Also worth a look for regional American is It's All Good Bakery. There's a branch in Oakland and they make one swell sweet potato pie.

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      I know I'm sort of a stranger to the board these days, but unless they've moved, it appears that La Michoacana is no more, based on a couple passes I made by their location.

      Of course, someone might want to verify this just to be sure my eyes were deceiving me. If they are gone, I'll miss 'em

      On the bakery front, you may want to try some of the seƱorita bread at Starbread too, especially if you decide to go by Kalbee (the couple times I've tried them, the food was decent, but I'm the wrong person to ask to determine what's good Korean food and what's not.)

      1. re: josquared

        Oh no!!! I haven't been to La Michoacana in a while. That is so sad if it is gone. They seemed to be doing good business.

        1. re: rworange

          Well, today, I went in for a closer look to make sure.

          They've been upgrading the exterior of the complex, and what handpainted signage there was (both on the facade above and the window) had been cleaned up. And there's nothing really there on or by the window to indicate there is a business in there.

          Today they started repainting the window - at this moment it says "La Micho" with the right side of the window still to be painted. And yes, all those sweet smelling baked goods were there waiting to be bought.

          Of course I had to pay penance and grab some paletas and other assorted sweets. My bad, La Michoacana.

          In a totally unrelated note, I saw a sign outside Tortilleria La Pinto on Sonoma St. They have freshly ground masa available, or if you wish, you can just partake of their freshly made tamales (pollo, puerco or rajas) Saturdays & Sundays

          1. re: josquared

            Yeah. I need to stop by more. Speaking of which, do you know if someone finally bought Liled's? They don't have the for sale sign or website up. I will be stopping by there for Easter. They might not be the most fabulous ice cream / candy shop but they do certain things well and Easter candy is one of those things.

            Liled's Candy Kitchen
            1318 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590

            1. re: rworange

              As far as I know, they're still open. I'm not sure if that means they're under new ownership or not, but I did read a piece in the Times-Herald last month mentioning people buying candy there for Valentine's Day.

    2. You don't say which meal. If it's lunch and you go down 29 there is West Side Cafe. Chicago beef and hot dogs.

      Gumbah's Italian Beef (see West Side Cafe)
      138 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590

      1. I had dinner at La Strada in American Canyon on the main drag going to Napa as part of a large group (20 peeople) in December and although I did not try anyone elses food, I enjoyed my canneloni. It had (I believe) ground veal and both bechemal and tomato sauce. While it looked heavy, the sauces and filling were light and the pasta was delicate. Everyone seemed happy and I heard no complaints. Salads or soup incuded in meal, both ordinary as was table bread. Seems very old fashioned ~ maybe we were lucky but I would go again.

        1. Bud's Burger has some of the best fries around. They still fry them in beef tallow or a partial combo. Total dive but those things are good. Burgers are good too, although nothing gourmet.

          Bud's Giant Burgers
          3849 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo, CA 94589

          1. I've had pretty good Vietnamese pho experiences at...

            Pho Lee Hoa Phat III
            102 Springstowne Center
            Vallejo, CA 94591

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              Oh yes. Benicia. I kinda like the Hawaiian-Filipino place called Hula Hut. The Mongolian Beef at Grand China was pretty good, although it's been awhile since I last ate there.