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Feb 8, 2009 07:39 PM

FEB/MARCH COTM - The Modern Baker by Nick Malgieri (all recipe discussions go here)

This is the thread for discussion of all the recipes in The Modern Baker by Nick Maglieri. I list the chapters below. Please indicate the chapter and page number at the beginning of any post about the book.

Ingredients, Equipment,Techniques and Sources
Quick Breads
Breads - Yeast-risen, Specialty,Sweet, and Savory)
Savory Tarts and Pies
Sweet Tarts and Pies
Puff Pastry
Cookies, Bars, Biscotti

Thanks a lot. Oakjoan

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  1. I guess I'm the first one to plunge into this book. I made the Three Way Ginger Cookies, thus named because they use fresh ginger, powdered ginger and candied ginger. They are really good. Very crispy and thin. I am a sucker for gingersnaps, even the ones in the box at the supermarket and the ones they sell at our local Indian grocery. Those are called something like McVittie's Ginger Thins or something, anyway, I love them. Very hard to bite.

    These are almost ethereal, thin, crispy, buttery and very tasty.

    They're also quite easy to make. The only hard part is watching them to make sure they aren't burning. He has you turn the pan around front to back half way through to keep them evenly browned. I found that I made them a bit too big and some ran together. That was not a big problem because they easily snapped apart. They just don't look perfect.

    I got the recipe online. I'm pretty sure one can find it by searching for Three-Way Ginger Cookies and Maglieri's Modern Baker.

    I'll make these again!

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        I borrowed this book from the library. I haven't made any of his recipes but the consensus on the Amazon is that while many recipes are excellent, the book is wrought with errors and errant directions. Have you stumbled on any misguided recipes?

      2. Just so that this thread doesn't get lost when people search Chowhound, I believe his last name is actually spelled Malgieri.

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          Thanks for pointing this out; we've edited the title to correct the name.