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Feb 8, 2009 07:32 PM

FEB/MARCH COTM - The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet (all recipe discussions go here)

This is the thread for discussion of all the recipes in The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet and Sur la Table. I list the chapters below. PLEASE INDICATE THE CHAPTER AND PAGE NUMBER AT THE BEGINNING OF A POST ABOUT THE BOOK.

The Baker's Kitchen
The Baker's Pantry
Yeast Bread and Rolls
Layered Pastries
Quick Breads
Pies, Turnovers and Dumplings
Fruit Desserts
Cookies, Bars and Brownies
Custard, Bread Puddings, Cheesecakes
Souffles, Meringues and Pates a Choux
Basic Recipes and Finishing Techniques

Thanks a lot. Oakjoan

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  1. Chapter: Tarts
    Page 223 - Malted Milk Chocolate Tart

    Let me start by saying I ran this recipe through my Weight Watchers recipe builder - without the whipped cream topping it comes in at 109 points! it is RICH.

    I divided this into 4 5" tart molds, and actually had some chocolate mixture left over. Probably because I layed the chocolate cookie crust a bit thick, so the chocolate ganache filled up the cavity pretty quickly. The recipe is really straight forward and easy, just takes some time. I worked on various parts of it all day.

    First, made the crust in the early afternoon and put it in the fridge to chill. After dinner I baked them for 15 minutes, put them in the fridge to cool.

    once the crusts were cool I made the ganache. This went smoothly except I couldn't quite get all the chocolate melted. I heated it up a bit again, but I was afraid of it breaking so I left some chunks in it. My husband will devour any dessert I make, so I admit I can be a bit lazy with the details like this.

    poured the ganache, put them back in the fridge to cool. Rather than finish them all with whipped cream, I made a small amount of whipped cream to eat with our portion tonight. I will make it fresh every night until we are done.

    Hubs ate 1 of the tarts on his own..I ate 1/4 of another (6 points if anyone cares). That was plenty satisfying, as I mentioned before these are rich.

    I just made some candied orange peel, so I think with tomorrow's portion I will chop some very finely and sprinkle over the whipped cream to add another layer of flavor.

    As for the recipes, they were easy to follow. The only real beef I have is that the crust recipe is separate from the filling recipe, but it only takes you to the chill stage. Having never made a tart before, I sat scratching my head for quite a while, rereading the recipe trying to figure out if I was supposed to bake the crust. Finally, I turned to the filling recipe where it told me to bake the crust. Just a little confusion.

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    1. re: cheetobrain

      109 points? Per serving? That's insane--about 5 days worth of points. Was this before you divided by the number of servings?

      It does sound delicious, though.


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        hey! it's me, Cheetobrain - I changed my moniker, couldn't stand being thought of as a Cheetobrain :)

        Anyway, no that is for the entire recipe. 1/16 of the recipe is 6 points according to my points calculator. that is a tiny little wedge, but very rich.

        1. re: puddin head

          Oh, I liked you as cheetobrain! But, puddin head is cute, too. :) (You might go announce on the Site Talk board that you've stopped posting as cheetobrain so that people who knew you under that handle know who you are...)

          Okay, whew. I couldn't imagine 109 points for a single serving. But, 109 points for the whole pie is about equivalent to a cheesecake in terms of points.

          6 points for a tiny bite is extravagant, but hey, if it's delicious, and it sounds like it was, I'm sure it is totally worth it!


    2. Yeast Bread and rolls P.72
      Old Fashioned White Loaf
      I needed to make some white bread yesterday, so I thought that I'd give this recipe a spin. I think that the results were OK, but I felt that the bread had too much yeast for a single loaf (21/4 teaspoons instant yeast). As a result, the second rise went far too fast, and I had to punch it down again and put it into a larger loaf pan. The third rise was incredibly fast (it only calls for 2) and the resulting bread had a good crumb, but as I previously mentioned, the dominant taste was of yeast. Since I was using instant yeast, I felt that she should have offered an alternative of not having dissolve the yeast in warm water and sugar. However, I liked that the recipe called for only one teaspoon of sugar (many white breads are oversweetened, IMO) and that it didn't call for ingredients like potato starch or powdered milk, which I don't always have on hand. Next time I make it, I will use less yeast, and keep a closer eye (i.e. not go to the supermarket) while the bread is having its second rise.