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Feb 8, 2009 07:09 PM

Casa d'Angelo cutting back

just came back from my second visit to casa d'angelo in the past 3 weeks, and there were sure signs that the recession is hitting home. in contrast to my earlier visit in january, i noted the following changes 1] the shrimp, which used to be a lusty u3 are now u6s and didnt have any of the flavor found earlier 2] ordered the bresaola salad appetizer which called for 50 year old balsamic vinegar. there was none on the plate. asked the waiter about it. she took it back to the kitchen and it returned with what tasted like cheap commercial balsamic that was possibly 50 hours old but definately not 50 years 3] the $46 a plate veal chop was exceedingly fatty 4] the size of the sea bass was 60% of that ordered in january. maybe i'm being picky, but when you drop over $60 a head before booze for italian, i really want to be wowed and i wasnt. would suggest looking for other italian eateries in the area

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