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Feb 8, 2009 06:42 PM

Ramen in Raleigh?

Hey hounds, where in the Raleigh (or the Triangle) would you recommend for some tasty Ramen?

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  1. Sorry to break it to you, but you're in for a disappointment.

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    1. re: wahpahh

      That's too bad. I may have to settle for "average" instead of "tasty" or maybe just find a couple good recipes.

      1. re: fwbeach

        I think recipes maybe the way to go. If you find anything, please report back!

        1. re: fwbeach

          I can't even think of where to go for average or just plan bad Ramen in Raleigh.

      2. Sounds like there's a business opportunity for someone that knows Ramen to open a place in Raleigh. "If you build it, they will come"

        1. Not in Raleigh, but over in Crossroads of Cary there's a hole in the wall sushi place called Kashin. They serve a Miso and a Shoyu Ramen which are pretty good. Not on the online menu.
          I prefer the shoyu, comes with a cut of tasty pork, hard cooked egg, bamboo shoots and dried seaweed. Broth is light and has a mild flavor, not overly sodium rich like the instant packs :) If you want a good selection of instant, try Grand Asia Market off of Buck Jones (tonkatsu ramen ftw!)

          1. I agree, Kashin in Cary is a gem, love their ramen

            other places with ramen in the area...

            Tokyo House in N. Raleigh
            Yamazushi in Durham

            1. In desperate need of a ramen fix, I searched the boards and came across this thread. I've since made a few trips to Kashin and felt the need to give them a shout out as I've really enjoyed their ramen and soba. I've recently made a couple of trips to Santoka (in the Mitsuwa Marketplace chain, Bay Area and LA chowhounders rave about it) in San Jose and Chicago, and I thought Kashin's was just as good. But, what I really like about the place is the number of interesting items that I've never seen at other Japanese restaurants. The sushi chef explained that they do a number of country and southern (that's south Japan) items that you typically would only see in rural areas. I also recommend the shrimp dumplings, chawan mushi - a shrimp and chicken custurd, and goma-ae, all of which we've picked at random.

              Also, be sure to ask what the Japanese specials are. They list a number of them written only in Japanese by the specials white board by the sushi bar. Be prepared to coax these out of the waitresses.

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                I've been a fan of Kashin for a decade now. You verbalized a number of the good things about the place.