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Feb 8, 2009 06:28 PM

Mack's chicken shack Belmar has great Fried chicken

Went for a walk in Belmar today, great day for a walk as it was real warm even in Belmar... there is a new place Macks chicken shack serving GREAT fried chicken and sides The placeis take out only and it was a little too windy to eat it on the boardwalk so i took it to the car it was hands down the best fried chicken i have had north of Maryland ...great stuff looks like they just opened, the best $15 i have spent on food in a long time, i got a bucket of chicken and some sides..i had the fries they were typical but the creamed spinach was fantastic ..cant wait for the warm weather to hit i will be back there..not sure my doc will like it though ..Hey doc i went for a walk and bought some fried chicken...i got the menu in the car i think ...have a good week all

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  1. where on the boardwalk is this new potential winner?

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    1. re: aklein

      13th ave.
      in the morning i will get the menu from the car, and post some more info too tired now to go outside now

      1. re: beentheredonethat

        ok i found the menu the phone is 732.681.7828 and the website is www.mackschickenshack,com next item i want to try is the beef ribs

      2. Thanks for the tip. We'll be in Belmar either this weekend or next and will try it out. Hope the ribs are good as well. Do you know if this is being run by the folks at Matisse?

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            Good chicken places are few and far between, I am going to have to try this place, has anyone else been there?

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              Picked some up Tuesday night 02/10. Very tasty and moist, unfortunately, thru no fault of it's own, didn't fare to well in the half-hour ride home. Even still, my wife said she's found a new favorite. Excellent macaroni salad, too.

              1. re: jfedorko

                I made it to Macks chicken shack over the weekend, and got the chicken and ribs combo platter with the creamed spinach & Collard greens with the bacon ...I figured hey if I am going to eat fried chicken, i mind as well get the collard greens and bacon...I was very happy with everything.

                my comments
                The chicken was excellent, nice big pieces almost too big,I cut the breast in half, it was nice crisp & moist, real moist, my little guy, who only like chicken nuggets,ate a drumstick and wanted another one it got his approval too.

                The creamed spinach was a real treat like homemade,and you could taste the onions or maybe shallots that were in it.The creamed spinach was as good as any steakhouse creamed spinach at a 1/3 of the cost

                Beef ribs- also very good, nice large beef ribs and I loved the BBQ sauce.I do like pork ribs better but these were very good,a nd may become something i will try to do at home this summer.

                Collard greens- a real southern dish tasted like i was visiting North Carolina on my way to Florida...the only reason to drive to Florida is to eat along the way, all the pitstops on rt95-roadside bbq joints, I love them.

                the dinner rolls were just ok a little small in size, and i wish they had cornbread instead

                Wait time was fine about 20 mins.Now that i have a menu,will call ahead.Walked the boardwalk a bit,it was too windy so I then went into the main restuarant entrance and sat at the counter, waited for my order. Great new place, authentic southern food.I will return, its nice to have a goodlocal place to get real fried chicken.

                1. re: shorefire

                  Thanks for the review. I can't wait to try this out. Fried chicken, ribs, collard greens... what else do you need in life?

        1. OK, got takeout from Mack's. Ordered it over the phone and picked it up to take home. At this point I have to admit I live about 20 minutes from there. What I can say is that most everything I got was very good. I ordered a two piece chicken (dark meat), four piece beef rib platter with macaroni salad and a small order of the collards with bacon. The chicken, and collard greens were excellent, and the mac salad was very good (Not at all runny and with a nice tang of vinegar).

          The ribs were another story. As otherwise noted here they are beef ribs which is sort of unusual for a southern style place. They were English cut short ribs that had been dry roasted for 4 hours and I have to say they were sort of chewy. I don't know if the 20 minute drive home may have been a factor, but I do my own BBQ and know that this cut is more suited to a braise than a dry roast.

          To be fair, the owner called me an hour later to see what I thought of the meal. I was particularly impressed by this as it shows that there is a concern as to how the customer feels about the food. I told him that I thought all the dishes except the ribs were excellent. He mentioned that he had worked in Mississippi and had problems with take out pork ribs that did not fare well on the journey back home.

          This is a new place and I have to say that the fried chicken, collards and other sides are right on the money. If there are folks out there that are looking for a southern style fried chicken place this is definitely worth a try. The ribs may need some work, but if the rest of the menu is any indication, things will only get better...

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            Thank you for the review, I will try it soon....btw how does Mack's stack up next to Jameson's in Neptune?


            1. re: Tapas52

              I've only had the ribs at Jamison's (they were overcooked), so I really can't make a comparison.

          2. Finally got to try this chicken take out place last night. Based on the comments here in this thread I had hopes of a good experience, but sorry to say that was not the case. My wife and I hade a family dinner with chicken and three sides which were potato salad, collard greens and slaw. The chicken was not good at all being over done and the coating was just ot thick, further the sides were just mediocre. On the plus side the owner seemed egar to please and the price was very reasonable.

            We really wanted this place to work out as it is only three miles from our house and we love fried chicken if done right. Given more time maybe it will come around.

            1. Went by there last Saturday when we were in Belmar and the place wasn't open (this was at noon). Do they have consistent hours? Also, do they have any tables for seating outside in the back?

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              1. re: bnemes3343

                We were also there Saturday afternoon as I was able to talk the wife into their chicken for lunch. I'm not sure what their plan is or when they'll open the counter for the season. If you walk into the main restaurant (Matisse) around the front (street side), Tony (the chef) will get you whatever you'd like. Unfortunately, I don't know if Matisse's tables are open for chicken, it is rather awkward eating chicken in the front seat of the car (especially with all the healthy-inclined joggers going by). Best bet is to call in an order ahead of time.

                1. re: jfedorko

                  Not a problem jfedorko. I won't judge. If I happen to run by just throw me a piece! :)

                  1. re: bgut1

                    The weather looks good for Sunday, I am going to get some more chicken , full review when I return ..

                    1. re: beentheredonethat

                      ok here is my trip report from Sunday,for Macks chicken shack

                      I spent $30 for the 4 of us and enjoyed everything
                      First item the chicken, man has this placed nailed it perfectly, its fresh, its bursting with flavor and juice and it just really taste fresh homemade with none of that injection stuff that seems to be done a Boston market, Costco rotisserie, or popeyes and some of my other chicken stops, every piece we had was tender and juicy.prefect. I will order get an extra order of just wings next time as they are that good.This you can tell is really fresh southern fried chicken i could eat it everyday.

                      Mac & cheese - this is adult mac & cheese with a Vermont cheddar taste, its not your Velveeta mac and cheese, I love them both and the white cheddar mac and cheese is excellent, great flavor I wish they also had both choices (a more traditional mac and cheese as i love the cheese melted over my macaroni), maybe as the weather gets better the menu might expand

                      Onion Rings- Wow were excellent, AAA+++ the breading is fabulous just really great, they must be made by hand as they do not taste like its a frozen product .,....

                      Mushroom caps - They were bland not like the rest of the food, maybe they were just a frozen product, I would pass on them in the future and get the full order of the Potato salad, they gave me as a free sample size portion of the potao salad it was again very good and tasted great in fact my wife is craving it already..Her words not mine as i did not get a chance to try it ! lol ...

                      The girl at the counter said they were going to put tables on the deck, that faces the ocean and a portable heater out once the weather is better, cant wait for that, to think you could sit on an ocean view deck in Belmar and enjoy a fresh cooked meal for $30 total for 4 people is amazing.

                      We called ahead for the order so there was no waiting, and it was all very hot and fresh even after stopping to pickup the mandatory 12 pack of beer on the way home ....

                      1. re: beentheredonethat

                        I was very impressed with the qaulity of the sides, and the chicken was the best i have ever eaten,nice treat on the boardwalk,and the Cuban Black bean soup was amazing, its just hard to park near there on a real sunny day ...

                        1. re: Freeholdtwsp88

                          House hunting in Belmar can make you hungry, I got the 8 pc bucke,t sat on the deck outside Mack's chcicken shack ..looking at the ocean a million dollar plus view and $20 worth of fried chicken ...heaven ... and said to myself, if i could just bring the family down here each weekend i could save a whole lot of money, on a summer house

                          but hopefully i will find something in my price range, My Brother in law got the side of creamed spinach, said it was as good as Peter he was eating it right out of the container i did not ask for a taste if Macks had clams on the half shell i would be there every night...going back to Belmar Friday and will try Kleins have not been there in years, as i hate to wait hours to be seated..but the Realtor said she will take care of that ..