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Feb 8, 2009 06:24 PM

I'm giving up on Barefoot Contessa!

Is it just me or do all of her "new" show just seem to be regurgitating the same recipes, but showing off her new barn and garden? I've had it. We've watched endless reruns and anticipated some good shows, but what we're getting is Barefoot recycled!

She's officially off my TIVO!!

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  1. I'm trying, I really am, but I don't enjoy her new show much either. I'm getting more of the Hamptons conceit that irritates other people, and less of the food/cooking/recipes than ever. And yes, some of the recipes seem similar to others, or somehow less approachable or appealing than normal.

    And to top it off, FN seems to be limiting the reruns they air..... I know there are entire seasons of her show that I've never seen, but in a couple weeks' time I have the same episodes on the DVR three times..... blah!

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    1. re: kshrimp

      I don't know if they update these episodes of Ina's show, but Comcast has a new feature Fancast. You can watch some of Ina's shows, and avoid the dreaded ones. Has anyone ever seen "Kids in a Candy Store" episode? Ewww.

      I used to love Ina's show as well, but this Back to Basics is not for me either. I want new things to try, not basic recipes tried again.

      Anyway, here's the link:

    2. I only have seen her show once, but the one time was enough for me. Flying in a helicopter over her property, the "lucky guests" squeeling over "there's her house- there's her house". Yuck.

      1. Her cooking is fine, but there's something about her personality that I find off-putting. She reminds me of a desperate single woman who has a forced "aren't we having fun?" air about her. I'd rather read one of her books than watch her on TV.

        1. I have always been a big fan of Ina. Sadly I too have found the new show hard to watch. The few times I've seen it I've felt a large dose of deja vu, i.e.; boredom, but I believe the concept of the new show is her re-vamping her old recipes.

          She was a specialty food store owner and caterer, she is not a chef. It's obvious her repertoire is limited. Blame some of it on FN. They're going to push her in whatever reincarnation they can as long as she's making them money, and it seems like she has sold out.

          Actually, I watched an episode a few weeks ago and I thought that she seemed bored with what she was doing. Perhaps she's had her fill of it too, but has contractual obligations.

          I too have thought of removing her from my TIVO, but haven't been able to bring myself to do it just yet.

          1. I don't know what time she is on--catch her randomly here and there. But I noticed that her new show is called "Back to Basics," so maybe that accounts for some of the less-than-exciting recipes?

            I say, give more air time to Jeffrey and that hunky neighbor of hers (forgot his name, but he seems to be on more often now)!

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            1. re: gloriousfood

              you're thinking of TR and i agree completely.

              i'm also disappointed with the new show, which definitely has a lot more "use 1 lb lobster" for this and "three kinds of wild mushrooms" for that. her recipes are increasingly impossibly expensive, or rehashing of previous dishes. and enough with the hamptons, where the jewelry worn by the guests is worth more than my outstanding student loans.

              maybe what we all really want is a netflix of seasons 1-3 or so.