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Feb 8, 2009 06:15 PM

Recommendations South of Miami

We are flying into MIA on a Sunday and headed down to the Keys. We are looking for a good kosher deli that would not be too far out of our way -- on our way South from the airport to the Keys. (If it is REALLY good, we would be willing to go a bit out of our way). Suggestions? Also, I see on the web that there's a Yotvata restaurant in Miami. I didn't know they had any restaurants outside of Israel. Anyone been there? How does it compare to, say, the Yotvata in Netanya? Thanks,

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  1. Sam's deli on 41 st in Miami Beach is good. It's straight across from the airport ,not that far from 95. It shoudn't take you more than 15 minutes to get back to 95. As an aside, 95 was quite congested feeding into the turnpike when we were last there recently. They are putting in express lanes on 95 that you are only allowed to be on with sunpass. You may want to look into that.

    1. I think the only fleishig place south of the airport is the kosher deli at the University of Miami, called The Oasis.

      1. I've never been to the Yotveta restaurant, but my husband's grandparents go all the time. They usually go for lunch with friends, and they love it. They're always saying how the food is so fresh and the service is really helpful with their strict diets.

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          Where is the Yotveta restaurant?What do they serve? What is the hashgacha?

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            It's at 18450 West Dixie Highway (not exactly sure where that is- I don't drive in Miami). From what I understand, it's not too far from Aventura.

            It's a dairy restaurant- for lunch they serve salads, omelettes, sandwiches.

            I googled, and the hashgacha is Vaad of Miami Dade. The restaurant Cholov Yisroel.

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              West Dixie HWY runs parallel to US1 (which the Aventura Mall is on), about a half mile west.

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                Thanks! Even though Miami is like my 2nd home I only know Collins Ave :)

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                  We are in Miami Beach every year as well. I know exactly where W Dixie is . Do you recommend Yotveta? What do they serve for dinner? Why isn't listed on shamash?

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                    I have no idea why it's not listed on Shamah. (it's spelled Yotvata btw)

                    I've never been there myself- I got all the info about the place from my husband's grandparents who are in Miami for the winter. They love it and go often for lunch. They've been once or twice for dinner, and said it was good, but didn't really elaborate. I think they serve salads, pasta and fish for dinner.

        2. There is/was a kosher Israeli place in Key West. Also the Chabad House has been offering kosher food for tourists for years. For info on current kashrus availabilities contact Rabbi Zucker at the Chabad House in Key West.
          If you hold from vegie palces, Sugar Apple health food store has a vegan lunch counter. Completely vegan, trustworthy people.
          if you want standard fare in Miami Beach, it is a 20 minute car ride due east of the airport.

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            Had a wonderful Shabbos meal with Key West Chabad. Wonderful experience. I believe there is Empire chicken and other kosher food in the supermarket there due to the large amount of Israelis that live there. Have fun! We did.