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Feb 8, 2009 06:03 PM

Best New Restaurants in Nola

I'll be down in a couple of weeks for Mardi Gras, and I want to check out the hot new places. After Cochon opened, I went all over the South telling everyone how good it is. What's the next Cochon?

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    1. re: Soulcat

      Rambla in the International House is a ot of fun and very good tapas

      1. re: Soulcat

        We had lunch at Boucherie Sat. It's basically a bar-b que menu with a couple of other things thrown in. Apps: BLACK and BLUE ARUGULA SALAD (thinly slice beef carapccio topped with blue cheese dressed arugula). This was the best offering of our entrees and apps. MUSSELS with greens... Mussels steamed in pot liquor, greens on the side and a few terrific fried grit cake strips on top. BOUDIN BALLS were merely ok. Too much rice, not enough zip. Side order of PARM. GARLIC FRIES were a little soggy but decent. PULLED PORK CAKE w/confit potatoes was a compacted cake of (you guessed it...pulled pork) atop thick unremarkable potato slices. BEEF BRISKET and RIB entrees were adequate but nothing I'd be excited about having again. I think most of the buzz is due to the reasonable(?) prices. (lunch for 3 with non alcoholic bev. $75 pre tip). We found the food tasty/adequate but nothing to rave about.

      2. also may be new to you:
        Huevos 4400 Bank St.
        Italian Barrel 430 Barracks
        Squeal 8400 Oak St.
        Coquette 2800 Magazine St.

        1. Don't know how new they are, but had a very enjoyable meal at "Eat" the other night. 900 Dumaine... And yes, I hate the name too!

          1. i dont know exactly how new it is, but Patois is on top of their game right now. its at least relatively new, and its still excellent!

            1. My husband and I have been to EAT serveral times and always loved it.

              I've also heard great things about Gott Gourmet. Anyone been?

              We also have been to Boucherie and thought it was really good...but not fantastic.

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              1. re: nikinik

                I thought Boucherie was one of the most exciting restaurants I've been to in a while, both for the prices and the creativity of the food.

                Gott Gourmet, though, was both unimaginative and horribly overpriced. Very small sandwich with a collage of unharmonious ingredients was TEN DOLLARS with no sides. I'll pay ten bucks for a sandwich (gladly, even) if it's good. This was supposed to give me the illusion of value by throwing the kitchen sink at it, and it failed, badly.