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Feb 8, 2009 03:42 PM


Does anybody have a recipe for a firm (I mean FIRM) meatloaf? Ours inevitably comes out too soft, difficult to slice, falling apart.

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  1. Don't know what recipe you're using David so can't say for sure what needs attention but you might find that by simply adding (or increasing) the dry ingredient (bread, bread crumbs, cracker meal, oatmeal, crushed cereal, corn meal, etc.) and some egg(s) to your recipe you can firm it up a bit.

    1. Actually, it could be that there is TOO much filler in the meat. Too much bread crumbs (or other starch) can make it softer (in my experience), as could too much wet veggies.

      1. Where to begin ...

        1 1/2 lb meat (mix whatever you want)
        1 medium onion diced
        2 eggs medium, not large or ex large
        1 tsp worschestershire sauce (sp? I know)
        1 tsp garlic
        Salt and pepper
        2 tablespoons garlic
        1 slice of bread soaked in milk and then squeezed (my secret) works every time
        1 rib celery diced fine
        1/2 green and red pepper fine chopped
        2 roasted red peppers fine diced
        1/4 cup bread crumbs dried
        1 tablespoon parsley fresh
        1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning

        Mix well, don't over mix and make into loaf and bake. I like to use a mix of ketchup, honey and BBQ for a sauce but any sauce you wants is ok with me.

        Cook like always ...

        FULL PROOF AND ALWAYS WORKS, ALWAYS RAVE REVIEWS. Too much egg and too much ingredients with out any bread or fillers makes it fall apart. Mine doesn't but very moist. FYI ... I like a mix of turkey, veal and beef. But anything works for me. Beef is more fat and more juicy, turkey is dryer but a mix is good.

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          I like the texture I get with English muffins, I use them in my meatballs too.

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            Thanks for the great recipe, kchurchill, as I know I'm always looking to change up my meatloaf but I'm wondering about the garlic? You say, 1 tsp garlic, then s&p, then 2 tablespoons garlic?
            I like the red and green peppers - I don't usually include those but I'm going to try it next time.

            1. re: MrsCris

              Oops .... typo
              Just 1 of the garlics, sorry about that
              I do 1 tablspoon garlic, my fault, was probably trying to copy from a recepe. my apologies. I like the peppers some don't. If my family comes, Dad doesn't like peppers, I grate them or chop fine, adds flavor, but you can't see them. Or just leave them out. I make my many ways depending on who I am making it for. A lot of times food is determined by who is coming for dinner

          2. If you go here:
            you'll find a recipe halfway down from Scoutie, dated January 22, 2007. I've made it a number of times with all beef. and using fresh bread crumbs, and it's been great. You'll note that the recipe indicates a wait of at least twenty minutes after the loaf comes out of the oven before slicing. As a matter of fact, I've got one in the oven right now. This recipe has replaced my old standby of forty years!

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              good lord, that recipe sounds amazing. i just copied it to try the next time i want meat loaf.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Made that I think ... I pretty sure that was the recipe ... it was good. Definitely not great. OK in my book. My boyfriend and son didn't like it and neither did Mom, so it was good, but ... not the best ever by any means... Sorry! Just my opinion.

              2. Assuming you're using a binder like agg, the more mixing and kneading of the meat will lead to a firm / tough meat loaf. Something usually not thought to be desirable.

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                  very true, I like to mix as little as possible. I'm not sure she wants tough but firm. I think You understand too. I think she is perhaps using too many veggies or egg or not the right combo of ingredients. Too many veggies not fine chopped tends to cause her problem. What do you think?