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I did a search, but didn't really find what I needed. I love mango and when in season I get literally baskets of them. I'm talking 50+ mangos. I freeze them and they do well.

Rum drinks and anything else liquid is great with mango

Sauces are wonderful, I've done some salads which I also enjoy, slaws and some fruit salads and lettuce.

Tried most ... but if you really got a unique or a bit different I would love to hear it. Recently I made a mango and pistachio and cranberry crusted tilapia or flounder which I loved. Any ideas are appreciated.

Someone told me about a chilled mango soup ... haven't tried it.

Thx, Kim

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  1. For a simple snack, try mango with a squeeze of lime and a dusting of chile powder (pure powdered chile, not "chili powder" with cumin and oregano).

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      Nice idea for a appetizer at a party on a tray

    2. I am hopelessly addicted to mango italian ice...have no idea how to make it ( likely pureed sugar water and mango, duh) but if I did I would never leave the house. Probably because I couldn't fit through the front door ...

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        It is basically mango pureed, I like a dash of mint, some dont and a dash of honey works best for me and ice. Mixed into ice and you make a gremalata or just a frozen ice, either or. A great desert. Haven't made it ages. Thanks for the reminder. Very good. Made it with peaches from GA and pears too. Very cool.

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          capeanne, have you tried the haagen-dazs mango sorbet? i haven't had it in a while, but it was fan-tas-tic! the essence of sublimely mango-y mango, in a luscious, smooth cold spoonful!

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            yes unfortunately one of the things in my freezer in case I run out of Luigi's italian ice..its my substitute ( delicious) drug...I need a mango 12 step program ...my rationale is that the Luigi things are teeny tiny ..and the haagen-dazs is a pint ...I finish the container no matter which I open. so I try to stick to Luigi ...Sooo bad

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              My husband is a mango ices fanatic too.. he loves the Luigi's brand and Ciao Bella sorbet.

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                While searching my little Cuisinart ice cream machine book for gelato recipes, I found a mango one. It called for copious amounts of mango and I'd be happy to post the recipe if you're interested. I know people have already mentioned sorbet and Italian ice (or lemon ice as we call it here--regardless of flavor), but this is not the same. ;)

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                  I wish I had an ice cream maker!!! Sadly, I don't.. yet

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                    Best new appliance we picked up in a long time--just got one last summer. Warmer weather's comin'--put it on your wish list. ;)

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                    Please post recipe....I will be bathing in the stuff Thanks

                    1. re: capeanne

                      My pleasure. Sounds yummy!

                      MANGO GELATO

                      1.5 pounds of mango, cut in 1-inch cubes
                      1/2 cup mango nectar
                      2 cups whole milk
                      1 cup sugar
                      1/4 cup fat-free powdered milk
                      8 large egg yolks
                      1 cup light cream
                      1 tsp. vanilla

                      Puree mango cubes in a food processor or blender till completely pureed/smooth (for blender, process 2 cups at a time for best results). This will yield approximately 2.5 cups of puree. Stir in mango nectar and place in fridge.

                      Combine milk, sugar and powdered milk in a 3.5 quart pan. Bring to simmer over medium heat; stir to dissolve sugar. Keep mixture warm over low heat. Whisk egg yolks in medium bowl till thickened (about 2 minutes on low speed). While whisking, slowly add 1 cup of hot milk/sugar mixture until blended. Stir egg mixture back into pan; increase heat to medium. Stir mixture constantly with wooden spoon until the mixture becomes thickened like a custard sauce and temperature reaches 180 degrees F. Strain custard through a fine-mesh sieve into a medium bowl. Stir in light cream, reserved mango puree and vanilla. Cover and refrigerate at least 6 hours prior to continuing. Pour into ice cream maker/freezer bowl and let mix until thickened--20 to 25 minutes. Don't forget to remove the gelato from the freezer for about 15 minutes before you serve.


          2. If you are that crazy for mango, try dehydrating thin slices in a low oven or dehydrator, then grind them into powder, which would allow you to mango-ize just about anything. This is often done with mushrooms and tomatoes.

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              Is this the same thing as amchur? Can one use any type of mango: yellow, green?

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                aamchoor is made with unripened, sour mangoes.

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                  Thanks. I'm unlikely to find those in the grocery store. Sounds like amchur is something best bought and not made.

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                    Try Asian markets, specifically Vietnamese ones. I know I saw a ton of sour mangoes in the stores during the new year celebration a few weeks back. (Incidentally, I eat sour mangoes with a concoction of fish sauce, sugar, and black pepper/chile powder (depending on what's at hand), and it is amazing. I tried it once with not-too-ripe mangoes that's still got a bit of a crunch and it's not bad.)

            2. My mother in law makes the most amazing salad with mango. It's the first thing to disappear from the table. It has red leaf and green leaf lettuce, endive, mango, strawberries, slivered almonds, and a balsamic vinaigrette. I'm not usually interested in "sweet" salads, but this is awesome- and I sometimes add feta on top for saltiness.

              I sometimes add a few slivers of mango into a stir fry at the last minute. Maybe not so traditional, but it's really good.

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                Mango is good in green salads, I agree. I used to get a great restaurant salad with grilled chicken, mango, goat cheese, and tart dried cherries.

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                  Speaking of grilled chicken and mango.. I make my husband grilled chicken, mango, baby spinach wraps for lunch. I give him some cilantro dressing or pesto to dip.

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                  I like the straw. I make one with spring greens, walnutsa creamy walnut gorgonzola vinaigrette and pears, but tis wounds good too. Nice, thx

                3. Not so unique or different, but I LOVE this mango salsa.


                  1. Mango-habanero salsa (well, more like a puree - just whack it all in the blender) with lemon juice (or lime), chopped cilantro & mint, a chopped shallot - dice mango and de-seed and chop habanero first. Put everything in blender, blend and then drizzle in a small amount of oil to emulsify. It goes great with grilled scallops

                    1. I make a salsa with diced mango, minced shallot, a hot pepper of some kind, 3 tablespoons citrus juice (lime, lemon or orange or a combination, depending on what I have on hand), 3 tablespoons fish sauce, some fresh mint and sometimes a pinch of sugar if it's too tart. It's great on grilled fish.

                      1. Kim, this post is great as Whole Foods had mangoes $10 for 10, which is a good bargain in my neck of the woods. I picked up 4, which should be soft enough to eat in a couple of days.

                        To freeze them, would I just peel, dice in cubes and freeze? I have been thinking of a breakfast mango smoothie with low fat vanilla or lemon yogurt, frozen mago and a few toasted nuts.

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                          That's how I freeze them.. if they get around to being frozen. I put them on a tray first, so they're not a solid mass.

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                            They are great that way, Even just frozen and then topped with some yogurt and grapenuts or granola is great. Also in warm oatmeal.


                          2. while were on the subject of mangoes....I love them as well, but I find they are so inconsistent in their flavor and texture. A mango can smell good and feel ripe but still be fibrous and sour. Are there any particular varities that are consistently good? I've heard there are some amazing Indian varietals, but I dont think they are available in this country.

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                              I have been told that it is not ripe if it has any green skin.

                              1. re: CoconutMilk

                                I have a hard time finding good mangoes. Some of them are completely tasteless.

                              2. I do mango chunks with pureed chipotle (easy on the chipotle) as a topping with roasted chickens and pork tenderloins. Seems to work. Sometimes a little pineapple, too.

                                1. mango-curry truffles (!) : http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/2917...

                                  kerala-style green mango curry: http://www.pachakam.com/recipe.asp?id...

                                  farro porridge with mango and coconut: http://www.chow.com/recipes/14296

                                  madhur jaffrey's mango curry: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/dat...

                                  from this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5399... , the following posts:

                                  http://www.chowhound.com/topics/43229... (emme has good suggestions, esp. that mango bread sounds great.) here is a recipe that looks good, http://food.meltingonline.com/2008/05...
                                  but i'm still looking for one i thought i bookmarked from an indian food blog.

                                  ah, here it is, with ginger: http://whatsforlunchhoney.blogspot.co...

                                  mango pudding? http://saffrontrail.blogspot.com/2006...

                                  maybe with shredded fresh coconut on top? mmmmmm good!

                                  mango coconut ice cream? yowza! http://saffrontrail.blogspot.com/2007...

                                  another mango coconut bread: http://coconutlime.blogspot.com/2006/...

                                  1. this recipe for crispy catfish green mango salad (thai) looks awesome:

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                                      1. re: alkapal

                                        I'm sure that would be yummy. But green mango is a different fruit, right? Not just an unripe mango.

                                        1. re: NYCkaren

                                          Yes, I would use the good ol orange ripe mango from Florida, I like Kits and Kents, but alot of variety out there. I still think it would be good.

                                          1. re: NYCkaren

                                            no, green mango is unripe (or not quite ripe) mango, which is better for chutneys (firmer), and more sour. it is also better texture for salad applications. actually, thai som tum dressing would be good on julienned green mango.

                                        2. I have a single mango tree in my yard, and last season, it I managed to harvest almost 350 mangoes! Unfortunately, I don't care much for them, but my GF loves 'em! Here's the rub: She's allergic to them and can't touch them, so I cut them up into crescents, peel them, and serve them to her. She very delicately puts a bite into her mouth, trying hard not to touch her lips! Even at that, if she eats too many, she breaks out.

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                                            Some people are, I can eat them by the bushel. Once cooked I understand and have personal knowledge from a few friends, there is no reaction. But I am not definite on that. I have boiled them for one friend to have mango drinks, another for a chilled mango soup, cooked in a salsa. A few options.

                                            1. re: 1stmakearoux

                                              Usualy the allergy is to the mango's skin - it also has something similar to fiberglass in it, like breadfruit or taro leaves. With mangoes, peel first, then slice up for salads, pies, breads, or just plain old munching on. For those with serious allergies just picking up a mango/touching the broken skin can cause their throats to constrict and everyone else to start thinking about calling 911. Once the peel is gone and the mango has been prepared/rinsed, though, all goes well.

                                              BTW, a lot fo people who are allergic to papaya are also allergic to mango. I believe it goes both ways.

                                              Any recipes you might have for peaches are great for mangoes - pies, cobblers, and the like. I use some of my grandmother's peach recipes substituting mangoes and everyone just raves. Unfortunately it's not mango season here and the ones I can get at the store from Guatemala or wherever are usually stringy and just a pain to deal with. I wait until the trees around here (at friends' houses) start bearing and then cook/bake like a fiend.

                                              I LOVE MANGO!!!

                                              1. re: KailuaGirl

                                                You peel them, really? Sounds like a slimy mess. I make two cuts lenghtwise along the flat sides of the pit, hold the (almost) halves in my hand, and scoop out the flesh like a soft boiled egg with a soup spoon. Same as an avocado.
                                                Granted I lose a little flesh around the 1/2 inch pit slice, but I just buy enough mangos to compensate. So much faster, and probably cleaner.
                                                I hate the stringy ones, also. Such a disappointment.

                                                1. re: Veggo

                                                  I make cross-hatched cuts on the almost-halves, turn them inside out and cut off the cubes. For some reason I call this making hedgehogs.

                                                  1. re: Glencora

                                                    I know exactly the technique you mean--I had a mango dessert at Rosa Mexicano once and that's exactly how they did it. I rarely buy mangoes, but tried to do this myself at home...it wasn't as artfully executed, but with practice, I'll bet you make some great hedgehogs! :)

                                                  2. re: Veggo

                                                    I learned this technique in Haiti from a hotel cook who did it with a machete (I use a paring knife): cut the mango in half lengthwise around the edges of the seed (you can sort of palpate where this is). Holding it over the sink, twist it until the halves come apart. You will have to pry around the seed with the tip of your knife. You can then eat the mango on the half-shell, with a spoon, saving the seed to gnaw on, and it's back to holding over the sink.

                                                    1. re: Querencia

                                                      i guess you all know that mango stains -- like fresh pear juice -- won't come out of your clothes....

                                              2. Another CH'er posted this link for MANGO LOLLIPOPS

                                                1. I love mango chutney, so that's certainly one route to go with. An acquaintance of mine makes large batches and gives jars of chutney away. I'd camp on her doorstep if she lived close enough LOL

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                                                  1. re: TheSnowpea

                                                    Speaking of Mango Chutney... One of my fave mango recipes is DWJ's Curried Coconut Mango Chicken in Wonton Cups: http://dinnerwithjulie.com/2008/04/25... (scroll to the 2nd recipe) I add about 1/3 cup chopped fresh mango to the mix. Around here these disappear moments after they're plated. :)

                                                    1. re: maplesugar

                                                      maplesugar, that's a nice little blog to tool around on.....

                                                      1. re: alkapal

                                                        alkapal - I think so too, I really like Julie's "voice" she's a local (Calgary) cookbook author who does a show called "It's Just Food" (on Viva). I found her because of her cookbooks. "Grazing," her low fat app/snack cookbook is where thet Curried Mango Chicken recipe was first published, as I understand it the book is out of print now but there's an updated version in the works. If you're searching the recipe index some of my sweeter faves are her biscotti, and the "Chocolava" cookies. It's gotten so if I try something new my husband will ask if it was from Chowhound or DWJ =)

                                                        1. re: maplesugar

                                                          the photos are enticing. the sweet-sour chicken legs looked so succulent! many other things, too.....

                                                  2. i can't recall if anyone has mentioned the delicious indian drink (make an exception, k, and try this one....) mango lassy (chilled frothy yogurt-mango drink): http://www.indiamarks.com/guide/Diffe...

                                                    so light, refreshing, mango-y with a tart edge that transforms the whole flavor experience.

                                                    1. This would be better with fresh mangoes, but there's a great salad recipe from Veganomicon. Basically mango, quinoa, red bell pepper, black beans, green onion, cilantro and a red wine vinaigrette. Really lovely.

                                                      1. An easy, delicious salad. Equal sized dice of ripe, but firm, mango, cucumber and jicama. Add vinegar to taste - I like rice vinegar best, but balsamic or sherry is good, too, although either makes the salad an unattractive color. Allow to sit for at least 1/2 hour before serving.