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Feb 8, 2009 03:30 PM

Marinated artichokes

just read the post about the frozen artichokes. I have usually bought the canned artichokes in water. I love artichokes but have never bought the marinated kind. I am tempted by the large jar at Costco.

How do you use the marinated ones differently than the canned/frozen type (which is what my inlaws all use)?

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  1. The only way I've ever used marinated artichokes are in/on salads or on antipasti platters. I do like them that way. I believe there are some recipes using them, but they usually have quite a bit of oil on them.

    1. I use them (from CostCo) in salads, chopped on pizza, in lasagna, in AntiPasti, in grilled sandwiches with cheese and meats, as an ingredient in tapinade and a wide range of other recipes. The puree nicely and add some excitement to dishes that might otherwise be somewhat mundane. I do sometimes use the canned varieties in much the same way as I do the marinated artichokes, depending on what flavor result I hope to achieve in the dish. I prefer to use fresh artichokes for stuffing and other types of preparations.

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        How much does the large jar at Costco cost??

      2. I will use them in a pasta if the pasta has a simple vinaigrette base and nothing else. Since they are marinated you have to be careful what you add them too.

        Diced up they are great with some grated cheese and chopped olives on a toasted baguette, very good. I also like to mix them with some fresh grape tomatoes and olives halved and onions. Mix all in the same marinade the artichokes came in and then heat up right at the end and them top grilled chicken breasts with the veggies. Top all that on a nice toasted baguette or pasta and a great dinner.

        Toss with some fresh vegetables and use the chokes and the liquid to make a simple easy dressing for some chopped romaine.

        On Pizza is great!! A white sauce or red, some artichokes, cheese, chopped mushrooms and onions and a great pizza.
        White pizza with shrimp and the artichokes is great too

        Stir fry with grilled shrimp, some onions, olives, fennel and toss over lettuce for an amazing dinner salad.

        Added them topped over poached COD with some capers, olives and roasted tomatoes for a simple topping to a fish poached in white wine.

        The list goes on and on. Let me know if you like anything in particular. I use the frozen all the time for some things, but the jarred or canned for others. It is a shortcut that sometimes I just need but you can make some pretty descent food with it too...

        1. Forgot sandwiches, sorry ... roast pork, beef or turkey with some chopped artichokes, onions and tomatoes, they are wonderful.

          Also, roast them with some garlic and onion then puree with some herbs and it makes an amazing dip. I like to add some spinach or sometimes some mayo or sour cream to lighten it up. Perfect.

          1. Can you rinse off the vinegar?

            I am going to go for it since I love artichokes in everything.

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              the marinated ones are really covered in oil, so that's the primary thing you'll be rinsing off. i'd blot, so not to saturate the chokes any further (if that's possible?).

              i know that humongo jar of marinated artichokes of which you speak. whenever you take some out, use a fresh fork or spoon and never your fingers, which will introduce bacteria or mold critters -- no matter how "clean" your hands are. ( i discovered this with a bottle of stuffed green olives.). try to leave as much "marinade" in the jar to keep the chokes covered.... and then use the marinade later for a salad or pasta dressing, or to marinate some canned and rinsed artichokes...or frozen ones.

              there is a good recipe -- very popular-- for using those artichokes in a hot dip with parmesan, mayo, mozz cheese. when you use the marinated artichokes, cut down on some of the other fatty ingredients (e.g., mayo....).

              btw, as others above, i love them on pizza, and on fish with some capers and a little tomato. yummalicious.

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                Absolutely, some of the flavor is already absorbed, definitely rinse or pat off the extra sauce.