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Any non-touristy mexican food spots featuring Mariachi bands in San Diego?

There must be a place (think Cielito Lindo in South El Monte:
in San Diego County. Possibly in Chula Vista or South Bay?

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  1. I've seen them at Mariscos Godoy, Karina's and La Costa Azul I think - mainly on the weekend. Anyone know schedules?

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      Just wanted to thank you for your reply trentyzan!

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        2nd MG, usually a small group that I've seen there on Fridays.

      2. You could try the trio in Solana Beach - Fidel's, Don Chuy and Tony's Jacal. They aren't particularly touristy in the off season.

        1. I've seen some Mariachis come through Super Cocina on a Saturday afternoon. They came in and walked around for a bit then left b/c no one asked them to sing. I think they were walking from business to business down University looking for someone to take them up on a song. It would be difficult to predict if and when they are going to stop in. Maybe the owners would know how often they stop by.

          1. trying to remember if Hacienda de Vega in Escondido has any roaming mariachi's..they have a band on the weekend..weather permitting.


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              Thank you all for the replies!!

              I'm thinking there may be an opportunity for an entrepreneur to open a restaurant similar to Cielito Lindo in the South Bay area....

            2. Mariscos Hectors
              Ste 201
              2305 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91915
              (619) 421-130

              Also salsa nights below.

              Alejandro's Mexican Restaurant
              2220 Otay Lakes Rd # 505
              Chula Vista, CA 91915
              (619) 216-8812‎

              1. Speaking of Mariachi's has anyone heard the rumor that Casa De Bandini is reopening in Carlsbad?

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                  Yes. At the Carlsbad Company Stores retail outlet.

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                    Carlsbad Forum where the Yellow Coyote was formerly.

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                      Been there! Quite good and they had roaming Mariachis going from table to table, taking requests (and tips).

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                    Hey folks,

                    First, I feel obligated to say that I've been reading the SD Chowhound threads frequently for a long time, but haven't been a big poster myself. However, that's likely to change, because my job requires me to be up super caught up on our culinary scene (whereas before it was just a hobby). So that's just my little way of saying that I'm looking forward to talking more directly with all of you guys :)

                    Here's my question related to this thread: I have someone coming into town next month that is really looking to recreate the Casa de Bandini experience he had in Old Town back in the day...in Old Town. So my question to you is two parts -- first, are there any restaurants in Old Town that come close, and second, how does the Carlsbad location compare to the original?

                    Thanks in advance, team SD.

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                      Casa Guadalajara on Taylor Street near the entrance of Old Town is owned by Dianne Powers who owns/owned Bandini and the old Bazaar Del Mundo. Pretty much same colorful, vibrant atmosphere, giant birdbath margaritas and food. Haven't been to the new Carlsbad location. Look forward to your future posts.

                      Casa Guadalajara
                      4105 Taylor St, San Diego, CA 92110

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                        CdB in the Forum is pretty much the same as it was in Old Town, That may be good or bad depending on how much you liked CdB in Old Town. I have found the the food to be a bit more consistent, which I think is a reflection on the much bigger and newer kitchen.

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                          Thanks for the update, never was a fan of the food but glad to hear it is more consistent. I think all of the food on Dianne's restaurant menus are pretty much the same, but out of town friends prefer the atmosphere over authenticity.

                  3. The "non-touristy" with "Mariachi bands" -- is that at all possible?

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                      Sure...but not on this side of the border

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                        My inital thought exactly. But in reading the thread, perhaps we're wrong.