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Feb 8, 2009 03:09 PM

The Living Room

Anyone been here? Is the food good? Is it busy? Im thinking of eating here, and also noticed that they were hiring, so I might want to work here too.


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  1. The food is kind of upscale bar food. Some of it is overpriced, but it's tasty. I really like their spicy fries. Good drink menu. It's great to sit outside on their patio when it's warm out and enjoy their libations.

    1. I've eaten there once-last summer and wasnt terribly impressed. It seemed as though they WANT to have good food (hence a somewhat interesting menu) but they just cant achieve it- most just isnt cooked properly, or seasoned well.

      For me- they are a fun place to go for a drink during off times since it gets ridiculously packed otherwise.

      1. Anyone been here? Yes
        Is the food good? No
        Is it busy? Yes

        1. Have eaten there once and would never go back.

          1. I like it for drinks and snacks, I'm pretty fond of the sliders. It's not a place I'd go to for dinner though. When I lived in the NE a few years ago they did a pretty decent brunch, and it was pretty cool chilling on the couches on a Sunday morning.