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Feb 8, 2009 02:44 PM

ok i have 3 or 4 days to go someplace

as a single parent i rarely have a few days in row to indulge myself.

but miracle of miracle his mom will actually take him from april 30 until may 4 or 5.

so i have a few days to go someplace, eat, chill, eat, hangout and eat.

i live in NYC - any ideas where i might go for a good few days of chow by myself (unless the right CH wants to join me,,,;) )\\

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  1. If I had a few days without the kids (mine are 7, 4 and 2), and a plane ticket I'd go to NYC. But then it's all relative... I don't live there. Have you been to Montreal? Loads of places to chill (albeit still a little bit chilly early May) and eat 24/7, and not so far away that you can't make a 3-4 day trip of it.

    recent top eats thread:

    1. I took my son to Montreal for 4 days last winter and we had a very nice, chow-ish experience. It is an easy drive from NY (straight up the Thruway) and there are some nice, inexpensive hotels you can stay at (we rely on We had some great meals, most notably at Le Pied du Couchon (my French is terrible, but it doesn't matter in Montreal). There was also an article in this week's NY Times travel section about the Cabane Sucre, which we managed to visit for a verrry heavy, but fun meal. They are everywhere around Montreal.

      1. I live in NYC as well and I'm heading to Memphis for 3 days. Cozy Corner, Gus's, Arcade, Central, Payne's, possibly Dyers so far for food. As far as bars I'm looking forward to Ernestine and Hazel's, Lamplighter and Buccaneer. Ticket was under $250.

        1. Vegas, baby, Vegas. You don't even need a car once you get there and there is no lack of good food. I, for one, have had enough of the winter we're having and am guessing in NYC, you could stand some sunshine and warmer weather, too. And of course, what happens in Vegas...

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            ADDENDUM (with additional detail on chow)
            Here are a few specific food-related reasons to choose Vegas for a brief getaway in late April/early May--not to mention all the eating you desire can be accomplished either by walking or taking the monorail + add sunshine + it's like DisneyWorld for adults, fergodssakes. There are far too many great places to eat in Vegas to name, but here are three that come to mind from my past two trips:

            Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay

            Diego at MGM

            Ethel M Chocolates (for the lemon satin cremes alone

            And nowhere else in the world can you see any of six different Cirque du Soleil shows in one city on top of more dining options--fast food to buffet to fine dining--than one person could possibly detail. Lots of hotels with great pools so you can veg in the sun between meals. Eat and walk and eat and walk some more. Plenty to do and see regardless of whether you gamble. Nuff said. Hope you have a nice break wherever you go.

          2. go to new orleans. be a tourist. bring a jacket and tie. i understand the food, drinks and music there are pretty good.

            here's a link.