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Feb 8, 2009 02:40 PM

Pureed vegetables in gumbo??

I just had some great gumbo ya-ya at Mr. B's, as well as some amazing seafood gumbo at Commander's Palace. I noticed that there were almost NO diced vegitables in either dish. My fiance had a few stray pieces of onions at Mr. B's, but other than that, nothing!

I've never noticed this, until lately I've started to cook gumbo myself. Is it possible they puree the vegetables and broth before adding the "protein"?

It's not mentioned in either Commander's cookbook or Mr. B's gumbo yaya recipe. I'm utterly baffled!!

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  1. In all of the myriad variations of "gumbo" that I have had, about the only veggies are tomatoes, garlic, onions and okra. Now, being from Mississippi, where macaroni & cheese is considered a vegetable, I do count the rice!

    What were you expecting?


    1. if you're looking at the online Mr. B's recipe, they left off the step of when to add the andouille. perhaps they strain the gumbo liquid (holding back the holy trinity) and then add the chicken and sausage and rice.