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Feb 8, 2009 02:04 PM

Please help us pick our last Vegas reservation

Hi all - My fiancee and I are going to Vegas next month to celebrate my 30th birthday. We plan to have my birthday dinner at Alex in the Wynn and to go to Cut in the Palazzo Saturday evening. I'm stumped on where to go our final night of the trip. Any suggestions on what might compliment those choices?? We'd prefer a newer/hip place as we've been to Vegas several times in the past, but we'd like to keep it a bit cheaper as Alex and Cut are going to be pricey. Also, we're from NYC so please no NY restaurant recommendations. We eat all cusines. Thanks so much!!

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  1. Lotus of Siam seems to be a world class Thai restaurant in a strip mall that everyone raves about.

    1. Mesa Grill could be a good compliment to your first two outstanding choices. Does NY have one? I'm not sure.

      You could try one of the winter prix fixe menus at MGM. They are around $60 for a 3-course meal. I recommend NobHill, Seablue and Fiamma.

      Enoteca San Marco is a low-key winebar type place with great Italian dishes. It is a Batali place, so that may turn you elsewhere. I've had great experiences there.

      Lotus of Siam is fantastic Thai, but I would imagine there are a bunch of great Thai venues in NY.

      I highly recommend Bar Charlie as a good compliment to your choices, but it is quite pricey. Maybe reserve it for the next trip. Calling Bar Charlie a "sushi-bar" is not quite accurate, but it is arguably better than most sushi-bars in town.

      Alex is my favorite restaurant anywhere. CUT is probably my favorite steakhouse. You've chosen well.