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Feb 8, 2009 01:51 PM

eden center- what are the best bakeries and.....

what are the Vietnamese baked goods that can't be missed?

probably wont be eating at eden center but want some things to take home. not actually very experienced with Vietnamese cuisine so recs are needed badly.

we'll be grabbing a snack at the tofu place but are looking more to shop.

also- anything else to make note of or anything other things you reccommend we buy? cooking tools, ingredients, we're looking for things to experiment at home with. what are good brands of red bean paste, kim chi, and fish sauce that are sold at the market?

searched chowhound and the net extensively and didn't come up with much.
thanks in advance.

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  1. Whenever I am grazing at Eden Center, I just pickup what looks good at the moment.

    My one tip is that I LOVE the vegetable cake at Than Son Tofu. Most folks would miss it, and in fact they don't make a lot and run out pretty quickly. It is in small tin foil trays to the left of the tofu.

    1. If you're shopping for food to go at Eden Center, you'd probably want to pick up a few Banh Mi, which is like a Vietnamese hoagie with exotic meats. Try Nhu Lan inside the mall next to the supermarket. Also, you'll probably want to sample some of the bubble tea options. Try to find a joint that uses fresh fruit vice powders to make their bubble teas.

      If you're shopping at Eden Center for knick knacks, groceries, utensils, sauces, etc., prepare to pay a premium. Most of the items at the Eden Center supermarket can be found much cheaper at a local Korean (Super H) or Chinese (Great Wall) grocery store.

      Also, I know there are a few Vietnamese bakeries in Eden center, but I personally have never heard of nor know of any specific/traditional Vietnamese baked goods.

      Most of the baked goods are of chinese nature from what I've seen, but I could be wrong.

      There is a Maria's Chinese bakery in Eden center, next to the Louisiana style seafood joint directly across the parking lot from the supermarket.

      1. I hope you enjoy your journey to the eden center. here are some recs.

        -if you are a fan of any type of coconut milk/sticky rice dessert definitely get a rice pudding at Than Son Tofu. There are several types of sweet sticky rice puddings laced with taro, beans, nuts, etc, that come with a dreamy salty-sweet coconut milk sauce on the side (they have the same flavor profile as thai sticky rice with mango)

        -there are also some interesting bakery options at Song Que...most of the items are prepackaged and labeled with ingredients so you'll have an idea about whether or not you'lll like them....i tend to stay away from the savory stuff that's been sitting around awhile.....the bahn mi's at Song Que are supposedly the best around, although I think they are only fair, the grilled pork one is probably the best.

        -anything you can get at the supermarket there you can get at just about any asian market, but you could still stock up on Chaokoh Brand Coconut Milk, Golden Boy Fish Sauce, thai basil, rice flour